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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Hoopsfan, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Hoopsfan

    Hoopsfan LawnSite Member
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    I'm entering the lawn care business and would like your input on trailers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of open versus closed trailers. I'm looking at a 20' Wells Cargo LS series, very impressed with it, but thought the price of $6700 was a little high. Does this sound like too much? What about other brands of closed trailers? I'd appreciate all input.

  2. wattsup

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    First, do a search. This exact topic was discussed recently. Second, if you are just starting in the business do not let yourself buy more than you need. I spent too much money on equipment and some of it has only been used once. Just be smart and research everything you plan to buy, and demo as much as possible before buying. Good luck in your new venture.
    I have both open and enclosed trailers. Both have their pros and cons like I said do a search and read until your eyes pop out.
  3. KLMlawn

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    In My opinion, enclosed has more benefits than open, but the final choice is up to you. With enclosed, you can just load everything at the last stop and put the locks on and park it ... no unloading and reloading it every morning and afternoon. Keeps things dry and safe, especially if you really don't have garage space to put everything in at night. Plus, in the morning, just turn the key and go.
    But then again, that is just My opinion ....
  4. hoagie

    hoagie LawnSite Member
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    $6700 for a 20' Wells LS sounds like a great price.... I paid $6500 for a 16' x 8' Wells Cargo LS.

    Is that 20' interior (usable space)? Or total length?
  5. Potomac Lawns Inc.

    Potomac Lawns Inc. LawnSite Senior Member
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    I use a 20 x 7 open trailer and yes that is usable space, have no problems what so ever with it so much easier to get stuff on and off but then again it is nice to be able to keep your stuff enclosed and out of the elements but i can't but a JD 1070 inside an enclosed trailer either. I like the open just my opinion. I would always buy a little bigger than you think you will need incase you change equipment or want to add more.

  6. Hoopsfan

    Hoopsfan LawnSite Member
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    That's 20' overall length. I'm leaning toward an enclosed for several space, protection from the elements, I can keep it locked up outside, etc..
  7. AGG Lawn Maintenance

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    from Elberon
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    I always ran open traliers. But not having to load and unload is great. A couple of my friends run box (cube vans) trucks. I am leaning towards buying one. I'm done with the whole trailer thing. Flats, lights that work when they want etc. Good luck with what ever you pick. travis
  8. Tony Harrell

    Tony Harrell LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a 6.6x12 open trailer with side and back ramps. I've been thinking about box vans though. I just hate worrying about a trailer. One down side to the box van is hauling mulch. I could always keep my present trailer or have it delivered though.
  9. JimB

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    :dizzy: the enclosed trailer is the best way to do it because your equipment wont rust , fall off the trailer or get stolen at night, however, 6700 bucks for just a trailer alone is a lot of money for an initial investment and not to mention what the mowers and other stuff is gonna cost you, if you got the dough than go for it but I would start out really simple and cheap just to see if your even gonna like this business.

  10. Haulmark in Beckemeyer Illinois.

    8.5 X 20 for $4395


    Wackerline Trailer Sales 815-786-2504 further north.

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