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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by KPM, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. KPM

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    I am interested in a product Bayer Year Round Tree & Shrub Insecticide. It is applied in the fall around the roots and offers year round insect protection through the roots.

    Does anyone have experience with this product or others like it?

    Any recommendations?

    Thank you.....
  2. upidstay

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    from CT
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    It's Merit (imidichloprid). Bayer just got a bunch of their pro products re-labeled for the homeowner market. Dylox 6.2G that we pros use for grubs and sod web worm only is now "Bayer 24 hour insect killer" or something like that. It is now labeled for every bug under the sun (NOT the 6.2g!!). I believe the year round insect control is either the .2 or .5 formulation, repackaged and at a retail price. There are now alot of "pro" products relabeled for the home market. Here in CT, Talstar is a restricted use product. You have to take a really really hard test to get a license allowing you to buy the stuff. But Scotts Summer Guard is the SAME STUFF, and you can buy it at Wal Mart. Your tax dollars hard at work.
  3. ProMo

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    It is Imidacloprid aka merit, I was a consultant for bayer a couple of years ago and tried all of there products and got good results. Great for the homeowner but commercial version will go a lot farther.
  4. lilmarvin4064

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    You're looking for Merit 2.5G. Mert .2 and .5 are for lawns (grubs). If your plants or trees are larger than 8 feet tall, use Merit 75 (soil drench or injection).
  5. garydale

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    We are offering it this year and would like to hear more on it.
    Thinking of including it with deep root fertilizing?
    Could we market it as reducing spray applications as well as safe around kids and pets etc.?
    Any other products, like Orthene, that could be used?
    I would appreciate any input.

  6. Harley-D

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    :nono: Read your label too. But i agree.
    :weightlifter: 16>15
  7. ProMo

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    safari is a newer systemic
  8. Ric

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    The type of soil you have will make a BIG difference in your residual life as well as the climate. In Ohio Hard pan Imidacloprid should work well for you. Sandy Soil it will not, Faster growing Climates it will not last either. Therefor it must be applied more often in those conditions.
  9. Ric

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    Safari is also a different formulation and has better absorption foliar by the plant when applied by Spray. It is also up taken by the roots very well. Liquid Merit is best applied as a drench.
  10. brookviewlawncare

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    we have root feed with merit and fert for 3 years now and works great

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