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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by lawn, Apr 22, 2008.

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    I have a client that wants to replace a huge hemlock hedge because the trees are dying, I believe it has a disease-fungus because it has some white things on it.
    She is afraid that the new hemlocks that we are going to install will be end up with the same issue.
    She want us to reasure her that this will not happen with the new ones at least for 15 years.
    What would be the best thing to do? what should I apply to them to prevent this fungus in the new ones? she wants to talk to my nursery guy.

    What should I do? please help!!!!

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    I am not a tree person, but I do know that eastern hemlocks have been hit with infestations of an imported insect called the wooly adelgid (

    See pictures here:

    The white things on your trees might look the same as those.

    There are treatment options at the links above. Others may know more. Suffice it to say that accessible trees are treatable.

    Untreated, it would seem that new trees will face the same problems as old ones. Would it be better to treat the existing trees if they're not too far along?
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    Thank you for your help.

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