Question regarding a "Group Buy" level of interest

Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Magna-Matic, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. LawnGuy73

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    Rather then doing a "group buy" on here, wouldn't it be easier and better to just sell your product on here at a discounted rate for members. That way if the guys like your product, they will tell others and so on. I'm a member of the MNLA (minnesota nursery and landscape assn) and as a member we get tons of discounts on Ford trucks and other such products for being a member.

    Just my opinion......
  2. Magna-Matic

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    We may consider that in the future.

    At this time we are testing to see if some type of lawnsite discount/group buy will yield a worthwhile sales volume increase. After all that is the reason for discounting - to promote additional new sales.
  3. zimmatic

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    I bought an 8000. NO discount and if I had to do it over again nothing would have changed. It is an awesome machine. I had dreamed about buying one for several years now. Blade sharpening is SO easy. I sharpen 20 blades every week and the machine has paid for itself in the first month. I would suggest if you have alot of blades to buy more grinding stones. They wear fast which is fine because I sharpen alot. When you have employee's they seem to dull blades up really quick.
  4. retrodog

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    I would be interested in trying one out at the shop.
  5. Magna-Matic

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  6. big_belly4ever

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    Order mine today 9000. Place your orders guys I'm waiting for mine to come. They have 3 sold as of today. Need 7 more, to make the 10 for the group buy

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