Question reguarding getting mowing jobs?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Miller Mowing, May 17, 2002.

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    Hello guys, I have been reading this board for a while now and finally decided to ask for some advice. I started doing some custom lawn mowing in the spring of 2000 after being encouraged by a friend, (as well as being a previous employer of mine) and quickly picked up several medium to small size jobs. My problem currently, now 2 years later is the fact that I have not been able to get anymore more jobs, and have in fact lost one of the original ones to another local mowing contractor. I have tried newspaper advertising, knocking on doors, business cards, etc. But I have not had any luck. I am beginning to get in bind now, though, because I had originally been mowing on the side as well as helping my Dad part time on the farm. My Dad is currently not able to employ anyone for farm help, and I cannot seem to get more mowing jobs. I am trying to be very reasonable on the $ amount charged for each job, in hopes of getting a few more, but still haven't had any luck at all. I do not want to come across as a complainer, because I am sure it all will work out in due time, but I am asking for some of your input and ideas.

    Many thanks in advance for any help.

    All take care, and be safe while mowing,

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    It is very difficult to tell from the info given in your post what the problem is. You should get a 1-3% response from flyers. That was my inital form of advertising and I think it work great. I don't know how well newspapers work and I wouldn't personally do door to door.

    Are you getting calls from any of these ways of advertising and not just getting the job when you go and bid it? I think that I get around 60- 70% of the jobs I bid (all residential). If you are getting calls and then just not able to get the jobs then you can narrow in on that as your problem and figure out what you are doing wrong. What do you think your closing % is?

    My best advertising by far is by truck and trailer, in particular my trailer. I have my biz name, logo, and phone # in over 2' lettering on both sides and the back of my trailer. You can read it from a long ways away. My phone # is 747-WOLF so it is easy for people to remember my name and #. My logo is a howling wolf by the way. I would say that over 50% of my calls come from people who say they saw my truck driving through the neighborhood or something like that.

    In my area there doesn't seem to be a problem with getting biz. If you drove around Reno you would think the place is over saturated with lawn guys but most everyone I talk to have plenty of work. Talk with the lawn guys in your area and see what has worked for them. Are there many other lawn biz in your area? I have heard that some small towns can be tough to get enough work in.

    Keep you head up and only take advice from people who are making it. Never listen to someone who has failed at trying to do a lawn biz.
  3. Got Grass?

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    Things to think about....
    1, price compared to others in your area?

    2, advertising & why it's not working. bad add, bad paper, bad market?

    3, Mow & blow vs/vs quality work? Mow & blow you can do cheap & pick up new people for a year. But do you really want that or a customer who wants quality & is willing to pay for it. Neighbors who see you cutting & say WoW their lawn looks great I want that guy mowing mine?
  4. strickdad

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    get a ad in the yellow pages...
  5. marley

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    try to get an ad in the phone book. for about $450.00 or so you should be able to get one the size of a business card. if you get one account out of it the ad is paid for.
  6. Brickman

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    Don't try to get an ad in the yellow pages, or just think about it. DO IT. When I did the biz was all history. I have seriously cut back on advertizing the last several years, and may pull the yellow page ad out next year. There is no point in paying for advertizing only to turn customers away when they call.
  7. maple city

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    I am near your area, and we're having trouble getting new accounts this year as well. We have gotten a few, but nothing like I had hoped. I don't know how the economy is in your part of the state, but it stinks here. We've lost some pretty big factories here, and people are not willing to spend what little they have on lawn care.

    We also have a lot of scrub outfits that are mowing residentials for 7.00-15.00.

    Our yellow page ad has helped a lot, that is a must for you. I got a small ad that only costs me $300.00/year. They will let you pay in monthly payments, so it isn't too bad.

    I get a lot of word-of-mouth business, and that helps.

    Good luck.
  8. ceaman

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    I too am in your area. I cant make the phone stop ringing... The yellow page ad, the flyers, and the lettering on the truck does it all.
    My problem is finding enough help!

    email me and we might be able to sub some to you if you are really close.
  9. FrankenScagMachines

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    I don't really have any advice for the advertising, but was wondering if you're related in any way to Robert, Vickie, Amber, Zach, and Courtney Miller, here in Columbus??? Zach is my brother's friend and Mom and Vickie get along pretty well too. They said they have relatives up north of here a ways and I was wondering if you were related?
    Good luck with advertisement. I need more customers too.
  10. Turfclippings

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    So to run a ad in th eyellow pages, do they ask for your phone number or do u have to get a another phone line in your business name. When i checked on a price a few years a go it was like $60 a month, so i just added a second line at home in my name. That way with caller id, customers recognized the name and number. But i have since added fert/weed control and am interested in looking into a add for this fall. any help???

    thanks Kevin

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