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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Bull, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Bull

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    I have a customer that I sometimes work for and he is asking me about spraying his hemlocks. They are about 10 to 12' tall. He lost one last year and his son told him that they need to be sprayed for a pest that he described as being white in color that infects and sucks from the foliage area. I am not sure as to what he is referring to. Only one out of several in a row has died. He described it as slowly over time loosing its color thus leading to the tree dying. Any ideas?
  2. D Felix

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    Most likely they are adelgids. They aren't that common around here, but I do know they are a problem out east, where you are. If you aren't licensed, there's nothing you can do but refer them to someone else. See the sticky at the top of the pesticide forum, and follow the link for more info.

    If you are licensed, from what I understand, the best control is a soil drench with imidocloprid (Merit). That is taken up by the tree, and the pest is controlled systemically.

    Norm (Coffeecraver), or someone else more familiar with the little pests will have to chime in with more info.

  3. KenH

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    Timing of applications is crucial in controlling Wooly Adelgid.
  4. Bull

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    What is the appropriate time for my area and what product is used to control them? I am licensed but I am not familiar with this particular issue. Most of my applications (99%) are focused around turf and weed control.
  5. D Felix

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    Contact your local extension agent. They should be able to tell you the best time for your area.

    Here in IN, we have separate categories for turf and ornamentals. Is it the same way in NC? If so, are you licensed for both? Just wondering....

  6. GrazerZ

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    Here in Maine we have a forestry division that can tell you all you want to know about hemlock wooly adelgid. Went to a seminar on it, and timing it critical. Contact whatever local state agency that will give you that info in your state. if I remember correctly, the trees will need to be sprayed twice a year to get good control.
  7. Bull

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    D-Felix, here in NC turf and ornamental are included under one license. I am going to research this further at a local level now that I have a clue as to what the problem may be. Thanks to all who have helped.
  8. Coffeecraver

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    D-Felix)- I believe is correct about the Adelgids

    A sample should be taken to your local Extension Agent
    or call a Certified Arborist for positive ID.

    The best control available is to apply imidacloprid (Merit 75 WP).
    Imidacloprid applied as a soil drench or soil injection takes 60 days
    to become toxic in the plant before controlling the pest.

    Make sure the soil has adequate soil moisture at time of application.

    Do not apply imidacloprid during drought conditions unless the area is thoroughly irrigated after an application.
    Applications can be made in the fall or early spring.

    Hemlocks can recover dramatically after treatment,once
    the pressure of the Adelgids has been relieved.

    Lightly damaged trees recover more quickly ,than ones that have
    heavy damage.
    They all have a high percentage rate of recovery after treatment.
  9. D Felix

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    Somehow I figured you'd know that stuff Norm!:D



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