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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by okgrassguy, Jul 9, 2005.

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    I have been reading this forum for awhile and finally got up the nerve to ask a question. I have whats been ID'd as barnyardgrass in my front lawn. It has been taking over quite a bit. I used MSMA with pretty good success but it has been pretty rough on the bermuda. Is there anything other than MSMA that is good on Barnyardgrass? I have been told that Corsair or Drive is good. I believe I can buy that legally, but the cost is just too high for me to justify buying it. Is Image any good? also the more I research barnyard grass the less I think thats what it is.. Thanks in advance :help:
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    Well, it sounds as if you're well on the way to answering your own questions. Just research and positively ID the target and then go with the most economical route of attack. You're obviously reading & following the label, so that's about it. Good luck.
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    lesco use to sell drive in the small containers for about $25.00. While I never bought the small ones, I think it was enough to do one or two backpacks worth.
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    Why not just round up the area that you don't like? Let it die off then in like 2 weeks.. use a spade shovel.. and use it like a sod cutter... get the shovel under the root system and slice the patches up... then seed.. water.. or if you need to add some soil for the soil that you took away? Very VERY economical probaly would cost like 15 dollars... I've done the same thing but with bentgrass.. and timothy grass... stuff is hard to kill... but with mabye one or two applications it should solve the problem...
    Let the grass die off.... then water.. see if the grass comes back after the round up.... if it does.. repeat the process.." Thanks SheSHOVEL".. Keep doing this until you don't see any sign of the barnyard grass and seed with your choice of seed... Peace

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