Question!!!!! Why is there such a price difference in the 8000 vs 9000?

Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Blades of Steel, Sep 18, 2003.

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    Someone please explain the huge cost difference in the 2. The only difference I see is the option to sharpen mulching blades. I am interest in purchasing one but I would also like the option to sharpen the mulching blades on my 21" John Deere's.

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    The huge cost difference between the MAG-9000 and MAG-8000 is due to the following:

    Overall size


    1 HP continuious duty motor vs 1/2 Intermitent duty

    Ablility to Sharpen curved edge blades

    Ease of sharpening left handed blades

    More open view of work space

    Toothed timing belt transmission - to get grinding wheel away from the motor giving open work space and view.

    Standard vacuum grit guard


    The MAG-8000 simply can do the mulching blades and is a larger heavier unit for a higher duty cycle of blades.

    Please let me know if this has answered your question or if you would like further explaination.

    Thank you,

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