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If you use two mowers and you pull one to the very front of your trailer how do you prevent the deck from hittin the one closest to the gate.....For instance if you use two 60" mowers how do you pull one up front if you have have a prolocker close to the gate blockin it? I saw on your website, two eXmark mowers one in the front and one in the back how would you get the one in the front of the trailer there??
First how wide is your trailer?

The beauty of the ProLocker is that if your trailer isnt wide enough to basicly dodge and weave around the one at the rear of the trailer that you can just pull a pin and remove the unit from the floor in seconds and then put first mower on the trailer and then put unit back on the footprint and then lock second mower in.

But if you have a trailer that is wide enough you can simplyput the one at the rear of the trailerall the way to one side and the one at the front of the trailer at the other side and then just dodge the rear one upon entering and exiting the trailer.

Thank You and if yo have any more questions feel free to ask or to give us a call at 772-229-1690