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  1. walkerowner06

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    i have a question to ask everybody. after you trim hedges, what is the best to clean up the clippings. do you use a tarp, a trash can, trash bags, or something else. personally, i like using a tarp because it is big and can hold a lot of stuff and its easy to put the clippings on it, all you do is rake them on it. would everybody please let me know what you think.
  2. burns60

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    I'm sorry, but there is no good way to clean up after trimming shrubs. I give a price for me to clean up and a price for the customer to clean it up. Usually they take the cheap way out and clean it up. I hate shrub work.
  3. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
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    Tarp is the only way to go.
  4. yardmanlee

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    I usually have a helper get up the clippings while I am trimming the shrubs
    and the usually use a rake or handheld blower then bag it if its not much or tarpp it then empty it onto the truck
  5. jeffex

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    I blow the clippings into the lawn and use a wb with a grass gobbler. You can use an old 21" mowerwith a mulch deck to chop the clippings into small pieces befor you run over them with the gobbler and it will cut volume even more. I have a 36" with a mulch kit and a 48" that has a grass gobbler. You may have to rake up largersticks not picked up . Two keys to the success of this are trim off small pieces at a time or use your hedge trimmer to chop them down in size before you grind with mower. If you combine with the mowing it is a great add on. Use your blower to disperse left over chaff where you ground up clippings. The biggest job I did with this method was a 200 ft hedge that I had my wife help ride over the clippings with the mulch kit wb and it took 2.5 hrs to clip and clean. Mon. I sawed off a 6' alberta spruce and shaped a large jap maple[7' tall 10' wide] then mowed the lawn [1/4acre] in 1.5 hrs myself. Time is money, technique saves time. 1 bag of small clippings from the tree trimming left after what looked like a big mess in the back yard and I put that bag at her curb. you have to BELIEVE in techniques. leaves are the same way , they look like a lot of volume but they are mostly air. They can be ground into dust. 1 bag of leaf dust is probably 5-6 bags of picked up leaves

    TURFLORD LawnSite Senior Member
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    First use a spring rake to move the big stuff out onto the lawn, then use a blower to push out the little stuff. Here's the big revelation. JUST USE A RAKE AND A GREEN BARREL TO CLEAN UP. ENOUGH WITH THE DIPSH!T TARPS AND MACHINES. Are you going to tow a trailer for the mower just so you don't have to use a rake? When you've raked 300lbs of clippings onto the tarp, how are you going to get it into the truck? And what about squeezing that fully loaded tarp through a gate? The moral of this story is work smarter not harder.
  7. jeffex

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    RAKE;) WHATS A RAKE? well I do have one somewhere!! just kidding but I rarely use it I bring it along on the truck so people THINK I know what I'm doing!
  8. westwind

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    Backpack blower, mower with a quick-vac.payup payup
  9. macaw

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    I rake them out into piles then I put my JRCO Transporter on my walk behind this is the best way to take the trimmings where ever the city here has pickup service and some of my jobs are out in the country so most of my customers
    want them put way out at the end of their property's or in the woods the Transporter saves a lot of walking.
  10. Branchland

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    What I do takes more time but I like the end result. I use 2 old bed sheets. Lay one out on each side of the bush, trim, then move to the next bush. No raking, no mowing and very little to blow if any. When the sheets start to get too much clippings on them, I dump the clippings on trailer. Works real good if the beds are pine needles.

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