1. plantzpropertymanagement

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    how do you go about bidding on a new construction site like for instance your driving down the road and you see a new dr. office being built and you know theres going to be grass to mow so what im wondering is were do you place a bid if theres no body to talk to except for a bunch a construction workers.
  2. get rich

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    There is usually a sign saying who the general contractor is. You should try and contact him to see if he is including the lawn and landscape in his contract or leaving it up to the owners of the office building, or sometimes there's a realitor/leasing agent or something that you could contact. Some information is public through the county as far as who obtained the building permit. Although it doesn't hurt to stop and ask to speak to a foreman of the construction crew to find out who the general contractor is.
  3. tiedeman

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    I agree, try to talk with the contractor of the site

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    If you see a for lease sign go up call that # as it will more than likely be the property manager.

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