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    What does it mean when water comes out up around the sprinkler head .Not coming out hard but like slow running water .It doent effect the sprayer part its self thowe. Is this supose to happen or what couses it and how do I fix it .They are rainbirda 1800 or somthing like that
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    That's from a failed wiper seal on the head, or the pressure is so low that the wiper seal isn't sealing.

    You can unscrew the top of a 1800 and drop a new top (complete with a new wiper seal and riser) in with little digging involved.

    Wiper seals will fail if your heads are set too low in a sandy environment.
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    Jon's correct if you're speaking about water dribbling between the riser and the wiper seal. Another thing that may cause this is lack of pressure on a particular zone. This can occur to 1-2 "worse case scenario" heads on the zone if there is not enough water pressure to them. This can be caused by a valve that has been turned down, an obstruction to a particular head or even through faulty design such as too many sprinklers in a zone for the amount of water available.

    If the water is coming out from around the actual sprinkler body then there's other things that could be the cause like the sprinkler is not tightly screwed onto the body or is cross-threaded, a sprinkler that is loosely threaded onto the swing joint or even a crack/leak in a line or swing joint.
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    Being in Florida this may not apply because it is so flat. But after a zone shuts down water will drain out of the lowest heads unless they have a checkvalve. If it is doing when it is running then just dig it up and run it and you will see what you will need to reseal or tighten.

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