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  1. lasher66

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    This question is mainly for the mid to late summer time when the lawns start to slow down due to no rain or hot weather. I have mostly residential customers, and what I was wondering was what most your policies are about lawns that dont need to be cut when you arrive at the cusomers house. I usually just skip it that week and come back the following week if a lawn dont need to be cut. I have a few customers that call me all the time saying they dont want there lawn cut even if we get reasonable amout of rain and then when i drive by there house I notice that there lawn did need to be cut that week. I tell them I will be by every week to inspect the lawn and if it needs to be cut i cut it. But then they get mad if they think it didnt need cut. Just wondering what you guys do when customers call and tell you they dont want their grass cut? Thanks

  2. Turf Technologies

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    WHy not go 10 days? When things star slowing down everyone goes 10 days by late summer near fall.
  3. lawnkid

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    I just cut it because you might have to charge more the next time if it rains alot and the grass needs to be bagged. i've always done this and if customers complain I'll just tell them and they'll agree.

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    Tell your customers that each yard you do is like one of your billboards and if it starts to look shaggy, then it reflects a bad image on your business.

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    To sum it up:
    "It's my way or the highway"

    I used to try to please the customer by mowing when they wanted it. Before you know it you're running all over town chasing your tail. Cutting one over here today, over there tomorrow, back over here the next day.....
    Now the customer understands that i will be by weekly to inspect the property and mow it when i think it's ready to be mowed.
    Educating your customers on why and when the lawn needs mowing is about the best thing you can do for them.....and you!
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    I explain to all potential customers that my service schedule is weekly visits from April thru october and every other week during the months of Nov, Dec, Jan, and February. During the month of March we will monitor the growth rate of their lawn and cut at our descretion based on the weather conditions. Under no circumstances will I agree to service a lawn on a 10 day schedule! The 10 day plan causes you to service the lawn on a different day each visit, and that makes scheduling much too difficult.
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    It's YOUR business.. YOU need to dictate when and what services you'll be providing.

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