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    Is it illegal to pass out flyers at places like Wal-mart, Malls, Grocery store, etc. etc.? I'm not talking about inside of the store itself, but outside, in the parking lots? And I am not talking about putting them under windshield wipers, but handing them directly to people who are willing to take them. How and where, does eveyone else pass them out? Any input would great. thanks in advance!!
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    Maybe, maybe not..... Some (many) places have "No Soliciting" posted on their buildings, usually by the hours posted at the entrance. I work full time for a large outfit such as this, and we own the parking lot. Solicitors have been called on a few occasions and "requested" to come back and remove filers from cars or clean up fliers that had been dropped in lot.

    Might be helpful to know who "controls" the parking lot... If the store/business that's there does not, you MIGHT get away with no trouble, as long as your not on their sidewalk.

    Is it worth the trouble?

    I always refuse handouts or throw fliers away that are on my truck, without reading them.

    I would think time spent vs. return would be less than desireable.... JMHO.
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    Here's the problem with spending your time passing out flyers at a shopping center.
    How do you know what kind of houses/neighborhoods these people live in? Are these going to be lawns/landscapes that you are going to want to take care of?

    It's you or your employee out there spending time passing out these flyers. Why not spend your time more wisely by passing out flyers in specific neighborhoods that you want to work in?

    I realize you can probably pass out more flyers quicker at a busy shopping center, but are you going to yield the results you want?

    As far as if you are allowed, I think you would need to get permission first with the store manager before starting. Some places probably have rules against it, some might comply.
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    Most managers will not let you harass their customers.
    Also,remember the amount of flyers left on the premises after the day ends will have to be picked up by you.

    We have place flyers on windshields and gave them out to the people in public places ....the redemption rate is very very very low.

    When you leave fliers in peoples homes the flyer is closer to being brought into the home where it has the most chance of being used.

    Good Luck in doing that.


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