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    I have a question. Let's suppose I needed more work, so I was going to pass out more fliers. Now, let's just say I don't intend to do any more landscape work, except mulch. All I want to do and be associated with is lawn maintenance. If I were to make fliers with my services on them, that wouldn't attract to many people, right? Of corse not. So, what would you suggest I do in this situation? All I want to do is cut grass and the occasional mulch job. I don't want to play with flowers or bricks etc. Thanks for any help.
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    Hi ahfd311,

    Why not find another company that could offer the services you don't want to and have them do the same for you? Just a thought.
  3. ahfd311

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    I do that now with a fertilizing company. The thing is, I want more mowing business and less landscape business. I am wondering if I pass out more fliers, should I list just mowing and mulching or what?
  4. ahfd311

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    Hey everyone, thanks for all the help! Next time I have a question, I will be sure not to ask and just figure it out myself. Thanks again!
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    your welcome and your welcome
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    Why not try to use a little common sense??? If you are only want to market two services....mowing and mulching....duhhhh.....only put these two services on your fliers.
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    hey. first of all, let me apologize for being rude. Nobody was giving me any ideas, and i knew if i did that, i would get some response. I don't want to list just the two services on the fliers because it makes it look like i do nothing. Plus, if I could list more services somehow, it has the potential to grab more people. See what i mean? Anyways, i figured out what i am going to do. Thanks anyways.

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