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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jay&kayoutdoorservices, Feb 19, 2008.

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    OK I am new to this form but have been reading past postings and still have questions. Hope someone can help
    I am just starting my own lawn company in Michigan it is a singel person company (me) I have a back pack blower, 52” scag walkbehind mower with skully and bagger that I got for 500.00, Weed eater and every thing that I might need. I have been trying to find out what a good hourly rate is. I have seen posting on diff. forms going from 45.00 a hour min. up in the 70.00 + a hour. I was thinking 50.00 to 55.00 an hour. Dose that sound good or am I selling myself short?
    Next question is. I am bidding a church it is about 1 area of flat land with only 4 to 5 trees to mow around and I have 9 evergreens that will need to be trimed there about 2ft X 4ft X 5ft tall. only doing the evergreens once a month or as asked by the customer. i was looking at a Total per month of around 350.00 ish. with mowing, edging, and blowing the parking lot (parking lot also about 1 area) 3X’s a month and evergreens once a month. My family is telling its to high and i feel it is good if not even on the low side I could use some help here if anyone can help me with this and maybe even give me some tips on bidding jobs that would be cool
    Thanks a lot
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    What size is the area that you will be cutting? How long do you feel it will take to complete the whole job each time you are there?

    If you are saying that all of this will cost $350/month and you are going for $50-$55/ hour then you are looking at somewhere between 6-7 totals hours for the month. So do you feel that each visit will take about 1.5 hours?

    Unless this church has very little land to mow I would say you are on the low side.

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