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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jun 5, 2006.

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    I have to get rid of my 95 F-450 I was washing it the other day yes the truck needs alteast one bath every 6 months. Anyhow I noticed the cancer is starting in the driverside fender :cry:

    If I get rid of the truck now while it still looks good it will be easier to sell or trade in. I also have other problems with the truck as I meantioned before.

    I want to go to a 99 or newer F-450 the brakes are considerable bigger it has a straight frame so easier to mount a dump body.

    I'am looking for feedback how are the 99 F-450s for ride and handling I was told the trucks with 19.5 wheels ride rough. I don't know if it can ride any rougher than my current 95 it has a 15,000lb gvw too and springs to match. I drove a F-550 quite a few times but that was well over 4 years ago now. I don't think I want a F-550 thats getting a little too close to where you need to be a commercial truck (17,000lbs). In my searching the only difference between the F-450 and F-550 is springs so if I bought a F-450 put a set of timbrens on the truck for the ocasional overload.

    I have been looking at the truck trader and truck paper ads there is so much selection down in the States and the prices are better your guys trucks are CHEAP even new trucks are considerable cheaper. The trucks from California and Texas area are rust free. After I looked into the stuff I have to deal with getting a truck here what a pain in the azz. I don't know if it would be worth the hassels. A broker is the easiest bet but you pay the broker and all the paper work there goes the savings.

    I would like to have 4wheeldrive but I have guys tell me its just more parts to wear out plus it adds weight to the truck. Also used F-450 4x4s are usually quite abit more expensive and harder to find.

    The pros and cons have been going through my head. A good set of traction tires and a locker (ARB) in the diff would prolly do all my needs the ARB is a selectable locker so you have no side effects like a Detroit Locker. Here on the West Coast we rarely get snow where I have problems is getting stuck in mud or climbing steep dirt driveways.

    Some questions :)

    How far would you travel for a truck ?
    How many kilometers/miles too many ?
    What kind of MPG does the 99 and newer PSD trucks get I currently get 12mpg
    Would you guys buy a truck just unsight unseen similar to buying off of evilbay ?

    I'am having one heck of a time finding a 99-2002 F-450 PSD 165 wheelbase regular cab chassis cab. It is frustrating there just isn't anything out there.

    For me to order or buy a 06 F-450 2wd with the specs and a 6.0 PSD is 42,000 CND for the cab and chassis. My payments would be 900 dollars a month is that really worth it ?
  2. jazak

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    Down here we can picup a NEW F550 4x4 diesel with a 10' dump on it for that price. That must s@ck to have those prices. Now about the truck I can't say much about the F450 but have used many F550s and they are very good truck just a little heavy so don't go out in the snow with them unless you have weigth in the back or have 4x4. They also ride much nicer then I first thought they would and have alot of power. Example we were coming home from a job pulling a Brush Bandit 250XP chipper behind and passed a guy in a GMC 1500 going up a decent size hill.:) I you are using it to pull a skidsteer or stuff like that its a good truck but if you want to pull a mini-ex I would get a GMC - Chevy 4500 or 5500 which is a little bigger and a little wider wich is better for pulling equipment and has a better tranny and engine.(I have to admitt it they beat Ford :cry: ) For a used truck get lower miles because the truck will last you alot longer and don't get one that was heavily plowed with or else you will have front end work. DON'T GET A 99 get one a little newer I have heard about tranny problems with them and also that is the first year the put 4x4 in the truck so you are bound to have some problems. Hope this helps you. Jared
  3. Scag48

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    I can tell you we get about 15 MPG on the highway with our F450. I was really surprised, the truck weighs in at 9200 pounds. The gearing on these trucks is really the key for us, we use ours for towing now more than anything else.

    If it really comes down to it, if you REALLY need the truck, cost shouldn't be an issue. We paid $22,000 for ours with 75K miles, automatic, and it's 4wd.
  4. murray83

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    a 95 isn't that old :(,ever think of undercoating it?

    a shame you have to sell it is the salt air that bad in BC?
  5. Gravel Rat

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    I should have done a VIN check on the 95 I bought I did it afterwards and found out this truck used to be a tow truck so the truck has been well abused. The truck still has its original paint from 95 which is surprising its got to start rusting sometime. The highways dept uses liquid road de-icer we call it liguid car ruster its terrible crap. The enviromentalist don't want the use of rock salt anymore because it harms the environment. The salt air on the West Coast also rusts vehicals pretty good dads old Chevy 1 ton sat in one of our yards by the salt water its started to rust bleed right through the paint.

    Its the mecanical problems with the truck I know are going to be expensive to repair so its time to get rid of the lemon.

    I really don't know how far I want to travel to find a truck for me to get to Alberta from where I'am is 20 hours one way to get to Calgary. In Alberta they use Ford F-450 F-550 trucks alot being its mostly oil fields kind of like Texas.

    I did find a F-450 4x4 PSD 6spd cab and chassis for 17,000 dollars CND I passed on it because it was a ex service truck it belonged to the Caterpillar dealer. It was a good deal but those service trucks are so overloaded they see a pretty hard life maxed out to 15,000lbs. The John Deere dealer has a F-550 4x4 service truck in this area the truck is so heavy the sucker can barely move its got to be grossing 18,000lbs.

    I want to try get back into running my disposal business again so I'am looking at options trying to find a truck. I wish it wasn't such a SOB to import a vehical from the US to here. A truck from California or Texas sure would be nice those trucks don't have a speck of rust on them. Here within a year a brandnew truck has frame rust.
  6. Scag48

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    I'd buy one of those service trucks. As long as they didn't overload it and stayed right at the GVWR, what could be wrong with it? At the most, shocks and brakes, but the motor can handle all hell and with the 6 speed you shouldn't have any tranny issues. For $17K, it would be worth looking into. Then you could take the service body off, sell that for a couple grand, then put a flatbed on.
  7. Gravel Rat

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    No service body on the truck just cab and chassis the Cat dealer takes the body off or somebody took the service body off. I know the Cat dealer services the trucks they actually don't do it a outside shop does the servicing. When they had a service man here he wasn't qualified to work on his truck so it was done by a service station. He was to fix Cat equipment and that was it repairing the service truck wasn't his job. I don't think that bothered him anyways when your a HD mechanic working on the automotive stuff is a PITA.

    The truck I was looking at is sold so I will keep searching. I know where I can find a 1 owner 99 F-450 2wd but the truck has the lwb and a 14' flatdeck. I'am trying to find a 165wb any longer than that I can't turn around in tight places.

    The truck I want to find has to have a manual transmission no rotten automatics for me. Also the 4wheeldrive is something I'am thinking about do I need it yes or no. Its nice to have but do I pass up a nice low kilometerage 2wd thats in better shape for a 4x4 that is higher kilometers and needs work and the truck has the same price tag.

    I can find well cared for O/op trucks that did city P+D they are usually 2wd where as the 4x4s usually are ex service trucks. The guys with the 2wd P+D trucks its their money maker so they take care of the truck. The ex service trucks usually are company drivers its who cares company truck drive it hard.

    One thing that you meantioned Scag was your getting 15mpg and your truck weighs 9200lbs my truck weighs 8400lbs and tops of 12mpg. Your truck is 800lbs more and 3 mpg better. I put a load on my truck the mileage drops down to 10.5 .

    A friend of the familly who is contractor bought a 2000 F-450 2wd runs a 14' deck gets better mpg than me. I don't know if its because the 19.5 wheels have lower rolling resistant or the newer PSD get better mileage.

    The one problem with my truck is the fuel tank is too small I think it only holds 16 gallons I have two tanks but the one tank leaks so I don't use it. I will put on about 250kms (155 mile) I have squeezed 270kms (167 miles) out of the rear tank but I was almost running on fumes.

    I have talked with other people with trucks similar to mine they are also pigs on fuel. One guy I talked to said his truck was so bad he sold it got a Hino COE 2 ton his mileage has improved quite abit.

    If any of you are getting better than 12mpg with your F-450s what gear ratio do you have. My current truck has 4:63s I can do about 120km/h (75mph) the PSD is revving 3400.
  8. Scag48

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    That's weird, my dad checked the mileage when he drove home from Seattle. I know it was at least 14, 15 might be a little high, but 14 definately with an empty bed.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    It doesn't matter how easy I drive my truck I can't get anymore than 13.5 I tried to keep the rpms no more than 2000 and I really worked at it to see how many mpg I could get.
  10. Scag48

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    You'd be surprised if I told you this, but you get better mileage at 2500 RPM's. With the 4:10 gearing in ours, at 60 MPH it runs right at 2500 RPM's.

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