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Questions about Insurance


LawnSite Member
Hello I am vary GREEN just starting in this type of work I will be mowing, light lanscaping & some tree removle. What do I need in the line of insurance I know I need liabilily, vehicle & equipment Insc. but what else do I need> Do I need workmans comp or is that just for my benifit. I had a customer ask me what I had in case I got hurt on thier property so thay don't get sued. Any input on this stuff would be appresiated. It is time to start advertising and I would like to show insurance to promote business + I need to be covered Rick:)


LawnSite Senior Member
Sparta, NJ
I would call around and see what you come up with. You need genliablity, commerical auto and workmans comp for yourself if your inc. or llc but only for workers if yur sole proprietor. different companies will ask you for different information and give different prices. Be specific in what your doing so they can price it accordingly.

hope that helps,



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Liability and Auto is a must. If you are out there working by yourself I would recommend disability insurance incase you hurt yourself on the job or whatever. Workmans Comp if you can afford it. If you want to do any work for commercial customers, I havent met one yet that doesnt ask if I have workmans comp. If you are sole proprietor though with no employees I would recommend getting disability for yourself before workmans comp only because its cheaper.


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Tree removals on an insurance app. will cost you a fortune.


I recomend that you do not remove trees alone or without insurance.