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For anyone who is considering adding misting systems for the purpose of controlling insects, this is for you. I am the owner of Insect Control Systems Distributing and have been making bug-free areas since 2003 with consistent customer satisfaction. Feel free to ask me any questions or tell me about your experiences with misting systems - good and bad!

Some quick facts about our systems:

- Slimline nozzles placed every 8 feet around eaves, fences, decks and landscaping
- Pesticide is an emulsified mixture of pyrethrins and permethrin called Insect Assassin
- 55-gallon plastic drum holds the pesticide with a motor, timer and pump placed on top
- Digital timer can be programmed for specific times depending on the target insect
- Nylon tubing (1/4") carries the fluid from the drum to each nozzle
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