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    Magna-Matic staff...I have some questions about your product. Let me start out by saying that I suck at sharpening blades. I just don't do a good job. My main question is: is it easy enough for someone with no experience to sharpen blades using your product? I have been having my local lawn mower shop do it for me, but that gets rather spendy. I'd rather spend some money on a high quality product than hand it to them for something like this. Also, I have all different types of blades...high lift, low lift, mulching, gator, Exmark Navigator, etc. Will your machine handle all of these? If you could I would like some info on which unit would be best for me and possibly some quotes. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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    Hello DLAWNS,

    Since you have quite a few questions in one post i'll try to get to them all in a list form.

    1. Yes, all of our equipment is very simple to use, and requires no real training. Reading the manual, and a little practice you'll be consistantly producing a 30 degree angle, sharp blades in very little time.

    2. All types of blades are no problem for our machines. We'll have to talk a little more in detail when you decide on which machine, or we'll talk about picking a machine etc.

    3. Info, quotes, etc please call me at 800-328-1110, and i can get your address information to send you quotes/catalog, and talk to you more about your specific situation and which machine will best suit you.

    4. NOTE TO ALL: If anyone ever would like to discuss our equipment in detail regarding your specific needs/requirements, we are always happy to take calls to help you choose or gather more information.

    Thank you,

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    Cool, thanks for the quick reply. I'll call you tomorrow.
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    Take their try it for 30 days offer. You'll be happy you own one before 30 days are up.
    When you get it, call in and they'll give you some pointers (like how to hold the blade) that get great results, and it maximizes efficiency.
    We sharpen blades on all 6 of our mowers daily, and I use up about 2 wheels per year. I sold my RBG about 8 years ago when I got this one. Glad I did.
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    Hello 3Bladz,

    Thank you for the compliments! As always if anyone has any questions feel free to post, email, or call.

    Thank you,

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