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Questions about the Mini FasTraks


LawnSite Member
I am new here so you will have to excuse my ignorance. But I am debating on getting the Mini Fastrak 17/42. However I have just recently heard of the brand, so I am starting to do some research.

Is there a difference in quality between the Mini Fastrak and say a $3000 Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, MTD, etc?

What connects the steering levers to the hydraulics? Are there rods, cables, chains, or what ever?

I don't know if we can discuss price here, but what is a good price for it?

For reference I only plan on mowing my 1 acer lot with it. For the most part it is pretty flat. I only have two hills on each side of the house.

Thanks for the input.


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Syracuse, NY
I replied to your e-mail also.
But here it is again....
> You need to see the units in person to really get an idea on the
> differences.
> You will see a better built unit in the Hustler.
> The frame, the deck, the design, better components, are just a few
> things you will see immediately.
> The steering is connected through linkage, ball joints and tie rod
> type of set up.
> I can only give you MSRP pricing, and for that unit is is $4,199.00,
> although I am sure your dealer can get you a better price.
> How steep are the hills your going to mow? you need to be careful
> there.
> I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I am traveling this
> week and working a show.
> Hope this helps.


LawnSite Senior Member
i have the mower you are considering and was in a similar situation as you find yourself. i had never heard of the mft or hustler. i was shopping husky/cub/snapper/country clipper/dixon and maybe one or two that i have missed. i drove by a hustler dealer and stopped for a look. i immediately fell in love. there is no comparison with the husky or cub. everything from the engine (kohler vs b&s) to the deck(fabricated not stamped) to the frame(fabricated not stamped) to the wheels, etc.....everything is more substantial. there are other machines that are heavier built, but you are into the commercial line and several thousand dollars poorer. for you yard size you can't go wrong with the mft. the cut is beautiful, the control is like driving a porsche when you have been in a chevette, and if you stick around here long you will realize how seriously hustler takes its role of factory supportfind a dealer that will let you demo a mft and carry you checkbook with you (i paid $3100). i promise you will buy. then you will wonder how you ever used anything else. ... and you will beg your grass to grow just so you can have the fun of cutting it. grass-cutting is now a sport for me, not a chore.


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Thanks for your guys input. After looking at the competition they do seem to be made cheaper. I was quoted $3300, but I haven't tried to get a better deal.



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Syracuse, NY
Warranty also! the FasTrak series has a 4 year warranty and the Mini FasTrak series has a 3 year warranty.
Both have lifetime warranties on the frame and leading edge of the deck.