Questions about the Toro/Exmark Metro 21" Commercial Unit

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joed, Jul 29, 2006.

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    I have a few questions regarding the Toro/Exmark Proline/Metro 21" unit that I would like some help with. Here they are:
    1. Have any of you who own them noticed that the non BBC versions seem to mulch better than the BBC version. I have both versions, non-BBC with the Honda engine and BBC with the Kawasaki engine and I've noticed that on the same lawn with the same growth level, the non-BBC version mulches without so much as a trace of grass while the BBC version will leave clumps. Why is that and is there a remedy for it?

    2. Can a gator blade fit on the non BBC version? Not the one that Toro sells which I believe is an atomic blade but an actual gator blade? How well does this gator blade work on the non BBC version? Does it leave as good of a cut as the stock blade?

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    As the previous poster suggested, and I'm in agreement the BBC cover decreases the mulching ability some what. You can put a gator blade on the BBC, BUT it will put a nick in the BBC cover. I put gator's on several BBC Exmark metro 21\ Toro proline 21's.

    Power equipment , The Exmark and Toro are the same mower, minus the re cycler kickers on the Exmark Metro 21.

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