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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by LawnPatrolNY, Aug 30, 2012.

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    No sense gettin in a wouldn't want to run out of reasons to be doing something else...
    I've got parts for about 20 or 30 projects....always have a good excuse to be busy doing something else...if I told them I was BBQ'n...drinkin beer..and watchin football on the big screen...they might invite themselves...and maybe some of them DaisyMae's.....mercy.......
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    thanks for all the replies about this gate problem i have. there are many different views on this and i think im just going to stick w the gate itself. soo on that note....

    should i just go w the friend for $200 (even though i think this is high) or should i try this myself? having access to a welder and being pretty handy i think i can do it .... thoughts??
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    I can tell you this..... You'll be kicking yourself if you try it, Your guy @ $200 is too cheap..... After materials cost he may be lucky to pocket $50, Expanded metal is not cheap.....In fact no steel is cheap anymore, How ever you decide your back will thank you if you go a split ramp......

    Here's one of my finished projects..... So I know about fabrication even if it's just a ramp gate.....

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    Now you can't just post this pic & say here is 1 of my projects.Lol! Can you explain what it is? Looks to be a lift you drive under something. Raise object & move it around with this cart. Nice fab!
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    That's what it does.....


    Transports chopper from hanger to take-off pad.....Built from scratch with no plans, Only this pic off the net.....


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