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Questions about Wright Stander


LawnSite Member
I'm about to purchase a used 2003 or 2004 Stander and have a couple of questions. This will be my first stander.

1. Will a 48" unit fit between the wheel wells of a F-150 (49")? I don't want to haul my trailer almost 500 miles, if I don't have to.

2. Is $3000 a reasonable price on a 48" unit with slightly less than 100 hours on it, and a 19 HP Kawi motor?

I'd appreciate any responses to either or both questions.

Thanks in advance!


LawnSite Bronze Member
That is a good deal.

If you are driving the 500 miles to pick it up, I would suggest taking the gate off of the trailer and that will greatly reduce the wind resistance.

You could probably make it fit - with maybe a little fender damage - or you might be able to back it in so that the front casters are resting on the tail gate.


LawnSite Member
I dont see why not, you said the width was 49" between wheel wells? A 48" stander is about 48 1/2" possibly 49" at the most, you can cram it in the if you have too, if not turn it sideways. As for the price seems to be good, I paid 5600 for a brand new 52" because my old stander blew up in july and I already have 100 hrs on the new one.


Envy Lawn Service

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North Carolina
Well, personally I'd try to drive away for maybe $2,500 total.

As for the hauling, have someone measure their 48" Stander to be sure.

If you find it is too wide to fit, I can tell you how to make a simple insert you can haul it on by clearing the wheel wells. I used to have one in my truck to handle certain jobs. Works great and it's safe.

I wouldn't want to pull a trailer 500 miles either if I didn't have to.