Questions for that install irragation systems

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    I just bought a new home and I want an irragation system installed.
    I know the initial price for these systems are not cheap. so my questions are...
    1.What is the average cost for an an average system for 7500sqft?

    2. do any companies finance or have payment plans for system installation?

    3. I am going to cut my yard with a McClane reel mower, is there anything special for the heads since it will be cut at a low height?

    I am in Columbus GA if any of you guys are near and would like to come see and give me an estimate.


    I will also answer more questions if you need more info.
  2. Kennedy Landscaping

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    I'm not real sure what to tell you on the payment option, when I put a system in I usually do half down half at the end of the job. But for a 7500 sq ft lawn in this area you'd be looking about the 3500 range or so. Just depends alot too on the obstacles, trees, amount of concrete, small areas that will require special head placement blah blah blah. As far as the mowing height, if it was a regular mower I'd be a little worried. But just be sure the heads are installed properly and running them over with a reel type mower shouldn't hurt them. Just be sure you don't have Nelson heads installed, most people quit using them a long time ago. But they have a bad reputation for being the heads that quit going down after a few seasons of use, then running them over will turn into a problem for you. Rain Bird 5004 is a good head that would be good for your use. I'd suspect breaking the funny pipe elbow with one of them heads before the actual head. Any good installer can talk with you about all your questions when they come give you the estimate. Hopefully this helped you a little bit.

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