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    Hey, new to the site and have a few questions. I have a yard that had 50% bermuda so I wanted to eradicate the bermuda and put a tall fescue/KBG turf in place. I made two applications of gly ten days apart then tilled the entire area last weekend with the rototiller. I have a lot of dead sod still on the yard. I plan to use a soil cultivator this weekend to turn the sod under and seed this weekend with a quality tall fescue/KBG mix, starter fert. I didn't want to straw it but I need suggestions. This is a 23,000 sq ft. area.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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    No personal experience, but I have heard it is difficult to get rid of the old dead sod clumps. No way to rake out and cannot be buried.

    I think you are using the only method possible.

    No need for straw if you can keep it well watered. But probably it is still wet from hurricanes. Buy a water timer, if not irrigated.
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    Thanks Riggle,

    I used the soil cultivator on it today and it worked great even though it was a little wet. I plan to broadcast seed,solu-cal,starter tomorrow. Do I need to cover the seed with anything or just water it in and keep it moist?
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    My opinion, if you can keep it moist--no need for straw.
    If not irrigated or watered with a hose--straw would probably be helpful.
    See my experiments and photos.

    Also I have a crude sort of test with next door neighbor's bare spot, Seed muched with grass clippings, dead crabgrass plants, double seed rate, double fert and so forth. Non irrigated (neighbor never waters), no rain in the following 10 days.
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    He did the right thing. A rotodairon or Toro Soil Cultivator will annihilate the soil and bury rocks and sod chunks at the bottom of the till zone.

    It's an amazing piece of equipment.

  6. scag

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    I want to cover it with 1/4" of compost but have no way to spread the compost other than by hand and it is a 23K sq/ft area. I figure I will need 10 cubic yards of compost. Anyone know of a place to rent a compost spreader in high point or greensboro? I have access to a fertilizer spreader for the 3pt hitch on the tractor, will this spread the compost as long as it is dry?
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    You could call your local golf course and find our who their equipment supplier is. Then call the supplier to see if they will rent.
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    Put your compost in a wheel barrow and use your leaf blower to scatter it--old Tree Gal trick. Sorry that she does not post any more; I appreciated her wisdom.
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    Just an update on the progress in case anyone is interested. Following pics are seven days after seed date. I am getting some pretty good germination only seven days after seeding. It has been watered daily since seeding and we have had some good rain here for the last four days on and off with periods of sunshine to help.

    iphone pics 058.jpg

    iphone pics 061.jpg

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