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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Dig-it Landscaping, Nov 15, 2004.

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    I need help with types and rough prices on insurance i should have. i'm 18 and run a landscape install and maintenence company that is a sole proprietorship. i thought i should get general liability and commercial auto insurance. i just got a quote for a truck i am going to add to my company it is a 86 f350 beater truck with the bare minimum liability and only working in a 50 mile radius with myself and an employee insured both with sqeaky clean driving records they wanted $1950 a year. is that too much i thought it was. ANY and i mean any help or suggestions are more than welcome. thankyou
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    i am also intrested as i will start my own LCO and would like to know the roundabout figures...i know they depend on who where when how and all that ....

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    Best advice is to contact a number of insurance carriers for quotes. Their rates tend to vary greatly from one company to the next. All I do is mowing & minor bed work, my policy is only $235 for 1 million in liability. The truck insurance I get thru my regular auto insurance co.

    If you call 5 insurance companies, you'll probably be shocked at how the rates vary.
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    My commercial vehicle insurance with Allstate has $1 Mill for $1650 per year ... per truck

    My liability for $1 Mill is $1250 with 4 full time .... I have a solo friend with $500k at bout $400 per year
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    I would defenitely advise talking with an independent insurance agent...there able to shop around with alot more brokers.

    Our insurance runs about 1100.00 for liability with 5 employees and a 1 million/ 2 million dollar policy. Our commerical insurance is for 500K runs 2900.00 per year (and I have a very good driving record too), and that's for (2) Izuzu Landscapers Cab-overs and (1) F-150.

    With your age at 18 your insurance may be alittle more expensive. My insurance will not cover anyone driving below the age of 25. Kinda strange isn't it.
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    General liab will run $800 -$100. for a 1mil/2mil policy. Truck insurance will most likely be in the high teens per vehicle. would definitely call around and get some quotes. Also as a heads up, make sure your covered for what you do. Landscaping in a broad term. :)

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