Questions on Kubota zero turns

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by txaj, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Capemay Eagle

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    Have you looked into a Hustler Superduty 54"? That would be an ideal machine for you. There have been quite a few members that bought the Super Duty 54" for about the acreage you have and they have been very happy with the purchase.

    The BadBoy PUP would be a great machine aswell, the Kohler engine will be fine. MS Surveyor owns one and has been very happy with his and he cuts some major acreage. You could also look at the CZT series, I have the CZT and it would be ideal for 2 1/2 acres. You could save a few bucks dropping down to the CZT with the 50". It has the 23hp Vanguard engine and run strong. These are all great mowers for 2 1/2 acres.

    It seems however that you have your mind set on a Kubota, I am not a fan of Kubota at all, but there are guys that pop in here and own them and love em. I am sure if you go that direction you will be happy.
  2. tuffram

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    Go Kubota anyone who is not a fan of Kubota products does not no a quality built product when they see one. Kubota ztr is the best made ztr on the market....... they are all built in Japan and assembled in Georgia the Japs have thought of everything when it comes to there equipment. Shaft drive deck is one less belt to have to replace no electric PTO clutch to replace every 500 - 1000 hours hydro lift deck is very nice and there new Kubota made gas engines are the best on the market. No one and I mean no one with any experience with diesel engines can say that there is a better diesel out there.
  3. ovrundr

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    I tried out the zg327 and was dissapointed -- it wouldn't hold my hills. The ground was wet and when it slid off the side hill it took all the sod with it--too bad I would have bought that day if it worked out. Washington spring is a dicey affair we can have rain,snow,sleet, and sunshine all before noon. Maybe I'll try their all wheel drive tractor mower. Does anyone out there have any experience with Kubota's all wheel drive tractor
    Ithink it's model #gr 2120
  4. parrotfeathers

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    I absolutely adore my Kubota ZG327. It was worth every dollar. I never mow before noon because of the dew on the grass. I did get it stuck in the mud when I got too close to the pond last week. Not sure if that was the mower's fault that it couldn't pull itself out, or mine for thinking I could get away with it.

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