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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by 22R, Apr 29, 2004.

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    I have a 1 year old Lazer with 30 hrs of homeowner use. How do you go about or is there some directions for greasing the mule drive belt. I believe it is the one that is not supposed to have a load on at the time ?
    Also, My 23 Kohler has some oil/ grease building up on the one of the vertical seams on the rear left side( looking forward) on the engine. It doesn't drip but is smudging the aluminum case. Is this normal or should I have a dealer look at it. I have been just washing it off so far. Thanks in advance and the Exmark has been a great machine so far.
    Later, Kyle
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    Thanks for the post. The mule drive idler is one of those lubrication points that often gets overlooked and forgotten. The easy way to find the lubrication point is to follow the arm back until you see where it bolts to the frame. Somewhere on that pivot is a grease zerk. To take put the pivot in a "no load condition you can probably place a 9/16" wrench on the head of the bolt that holds the idler pulley to the idler arm and lift the arm up. This may allow you to take enough tension off the belt to slide it off the pulley. If you can't slide the belt off of the pulley you may need to loosed the pulley on the opposite side and try it again. Once the belt has been removed you can pull the spring off and lubricate the pivot working it back and forth a few times after you’re done. Reverse the procedure to re-install.

    That sounds like a lot of work but it's not that bad. For the number of hours you’re using the mower I would suggest simply greasing the pivot in the "loaded" position and then simply grab the belt and give it a few good tugs to work the grease around the pivot. Once per year I would then remove the belt and grease it in a no load condition.

    The oil leak is a small amount of seepage that will probably get worse over time. I would certainly get it looked at before the warranty runs out. If it's just seeping I would make arrangements to get it into the dealer when he/she feels the can it service and returned the quickest. Many of the shops are very busy right now but once things slow down in the next 60 days or so they may be able to get you in and out much quicker.



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