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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by OSL Inc., Aug 31, 2006.

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    We purchased our first 2006 PG Magnum today from Lesco. The guys at Lesco really spent time explaining the PG to me which was helpful. It was already set up and run for about 14 hrs, so should be ready to go.

    We do not have big accounts right now, just a few, mostly under 15,000 sqft now, figure these last couple of Apps this season will be good practice for 2007. We plan to grow more commercially, bigger props, so now with the PG we have the power to bid competitively. We plan on getting a spray rig as well later this winter, so the set up is complete and ready to roll in early 2007.

    Currently, we would like to know the best way to handle the herbicide fill ups on the 12 gal. tank on the PG Magnum?

    Let's say I am using Eliminate at 10oz per 2.5 gal. (By the way, we were advised to only fill up the 12 gal tank on the PG to maybe 10 gal, tops. each fill up). If we want to fill up 10 gal, we would use about 40 oz of Eliminate (to handle the tuffer summer broadleaf weeds like clover and thistle, etc) and we'd add a sticker to it as well.

    To fill up 10 gal in the PG tank, I would need four 2.5 gal containers (advised to just re-use empty herbicide containers). QUESTION IS, do I just pre-mix these containers in the shop in the AM and load them and go, or is there a better method for my current set up? Would I want to just bring water only and mix on the go, or would that be more of a headache, and worrisome.?

    We'll have to aggressively grow the fert & squirt division to keep this new PG busy next season, but we'll get there and now we don't have to dread pushing a spreader all day in the humid heat!

    Thanks for the help and any additional advice on the 2006 Magnum.
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    thank you.

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