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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Nullqwerty, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Hey folks,

    A little background on me: Up until now, I've only been doing basic landscaping work (planting shrubs/trees, lawn cutting...) and I do it on the side mainly for friends and friends of friends. But I've had a few people ask me about doing paver patios. So, rather than experiment on someone else, I've decided to replace my pool patio since that needed to be done anyway (major leak in the pipes that had to be repaired and concrete was messed up).

    Project: 500 sq feet of Unilock Brussels Block. Compacted fill, then 6" of compacted 3/4" Crusher Run, 1" - 1 1/2" sand, then the blocks, then polymeric sand for the joints.

    Now for the questions:
    1) I know to pitch it away from the pool at roughly 1" for every 4'. However, how important is it that the sub grade soil is pitched in the same manner as the base above it? Do I need to get the sub grade pitch perfect as well?

    2) Since I only do this on the weekends, after I compact the base, is it ok if the compacted base sits uncovered for a week or two? Or would I have to compact it again if I did? If it rained in this time period, would that have an effect on the answer?

    3) There are a few small areas that I want stone, but I don't want to put base. These are above the connections to the pool. I want to have easy access to them in case of pool leaks. If I were to put sand and soil there and compact it really well, are these areas pretty much guaranteed to fail? I don't mind resetting them each year, but if they would shift 3 times a season, that would not be fun. They would be about 2' X 2' each.

    4) What are details for the expansion joint in between the coping and the rest of the patio? i.e. what size, material, anything else I should know?

    Thanks so much everyone! Really sorry for all the questions but I truly appreciate the help!
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    1) no but dont over dig and compact it well
    2) yes, no, yes
    3) common pratice don't worry,you can get a decent compact without damage do it by hand
    4) need more detail
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    Thanks for reply! Very helpful and a lot of it is a relief to hear!

    Being able to leave the base is huge due to timing issues. When you say that rain would affect the answer, I'm assuming normal sprinklings are no big deal, but any kind of extended rain or storms means that I should probably recompact before continuing. Fair to say?

    For my expansion joint question. What I meant was that I know what expansion joints are in relation to concrete. In relation to pavers though, this is the first I'm hearing of them (after reading these forums). So, my assumption is that I need to leave like 1/4" between the coping and the rest of the patio. And then, rather than putting polymeric sand in between this area, instead I should use some kind of silicone product? Are my assumptions correct? If so, is my spacing correct, and what product would you recommend?

    Thanks again! Big help!

    **Forgot to mention that this is in Massachusetts**
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    Im am in mass to....dont worry about sprinkles but a driveing hard rain will cause movement and rivelets causeing a possible need to regrade and compact.

    what exactly are these pavers going to be up against? hard copeing on a gunite pool? if so you will need a elastomeric sealent. of it is just a concrete deck I have done nothing and kept my joints tight.
  5. Nullqwerty

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    It's actually a vinyl pool. The top railing is steel and has one of the track copings so that I can put stone bull nose pavers on it. I'll be using the Unliock Brussels Block Bull Nose Coping paver for the coping. The other side (i.e. the outer perimeter of the patio) is all landscaping, so just mulch/loam/gravel. Maybe the expansion joint I read about on here was only if I was doing concrete as well?

    Plan of attack is tomorrow (took off of work), compact the sub-grade and apply the first 3" of base and compact that. Then Saturday, apply next 3" and compact that (and get the pitch right). Following weekend, start laying sand and stone. Can't wait actually.

    Thanks again!

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