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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grass_cuttin_fool, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I have a new lesco dealer in my area and have started to use their products. Im in the market for a new spreader and if Im using lesco products then it makes sense to use a lesco spreader. I was wondering if spyker or earthway spreader are compareable or not? Ive see the bags of products have the spyker settings on them also. Any comments are appreciated

  2. indyturf

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    I would highly recommend the Lesco spreader. pay the extra for the SS frame or it will only last a couple years. I have had Lesco spreaders last 15 yrs!
  3. yardprospraying

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    The Lesco spreader is the only spreader to have. They will out last any spreader on the market, and will be the last spreader you buy. We have two of them, and have never had a problem. One is six yrs. old, the other is brand new.

    Good luck..
  4. SodKing

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    I have 5 lesco spreaders, 15 years old, 13 years old, 11 years old and a new one. They are like the enrgizer bunny. They just keep going and going.
  5. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Thanx for the replies, I just wanted to check before I invested 300 plus bux into a spreader. If you can get that many years of service from a product then the cost per year is very low compared to buying a cheaper sreader and having to replace it every 3-5 years. Anyone else that has a comment please post it, I like to hear it. I thought maybe more people used the spyker brand, maybe they havent stumbled on this thread yet

  6. indyturf

    indyturf LawnSite Bronze Member
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    don't see many of the "Pro's" using Spiker, they look like they would be a great for a homeowner!
  7. LLandscaping

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    We have two Lesco spreaders. They work well and are made to last with the Stainless steel frame.
  8. teeca

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  9. Grandview

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    The spyker spreaders look durable put they appear to be heavy. The lesco is durable plus fairly light and easy to puch. Earthways are not stainless. I had one but it only lasted a season. The also do not spread as nice as a Lesco.
  10. Jason Rose

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    Have you scrolled down a few pages on this forum? this topic was just up a day or two ago... Consensus there was Lesco as well.

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