questions on tilling


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Lafayette, IN
How much do I charge? What should the release say to cover me from chopping any other lines? Should i call holey moley before I till? Anyother comments would be appriciated.:confused:


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Well I will tell you what i found out the hard way,the only way I
First you have to try to make money,What kind of tiller are you
using?What kind of tilling are you going to do?
I had a contract that said I was not responsible for any damages
to property or any public services.
Really the homeowner needs to call Holey Moley or who
ever they call at least 1 week ahead of time they will tell you 3 days but don`t count on it.
And the truth is that does not relieve you of the responsibility if you do cut something.
As for charging I will not drop my trailer gate for less than $20.00
and charge $50:00 an hr.
I have hit phone ,cable, Elect,And last summer I cut my first Gas line, Total cost $1775:00 Ouch!
I hope this helps,Iam only giving an opinion!
Good Luck


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Lafayette, IN
I have a BCS tiller. Garden to small yards to seed bed prep. I have a friend that cut a gas line while he was installing a water line. At least around here they have to bury the elet, gas, ect 3 feet down to meet code. If they don't its there problem. if they miss mark it its there problem. i will not do anybodys until all until everything is located. was you gas line a propane or city gas?

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