questions on using jrco tine rake w/walker

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by robertb_44, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. robertb_44

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    hi, I just starting using the jrco rake on my new walker 26hp.

    how fast can you go with it on? Is there a greater chance of breaking tines by going too fast or making zero turns.

    Before I would thatch a lawn, then blow the debris and then cut it.

    Do you eliminate the blowing using the walker w/rake?

    Any method's you use with the rake would be appreciated.
  2. Runner

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    Well, with the JRCO rake (what walker uses), you don't really do any blowing before the cleanup for spring cleanups, because it would just be a wasted step. The JRCO loosens up all the matted leaves in the turf, and then can be vacuumed up. One thig you do need to do with these, is either rake and clean a perimeter first, so the stuff is out in the pathway, OR, do a perimeter last after the wide areas are done. Different conditions give different advantages. For instance, if you have heavy stuff packed in the beds and corners, then it is advantageous to do the perimeters and borders around beds after the wide area sweeping. The reason being, is if you have piles of debris out in the pathway, the JRCO rake just pushes it (sometimes pushing it into corners) If the stuff is pulled out last, then the mower can just go around without the rake, and vacuum the debris up. Another thing to consider (and picture this), is when you come up to an inside corner of a fence for instance, the rake sticks out in front, so the mower deck is not going to reach that stuff to pick it up. Another thing, for the speed...I'm not sure what kind of top speeds you get with a walker, but I can tell you that different conditions require different speeds. With a Z, it just doesn't work as well at full speed or faster speeds. the reason being, is that while you re moving forward, the tines are moving back and forth laterally (side to side) a bit. At medium speeds, the rake cleans better. Not only that, but it is easier on the equipment, and gets no bounce.
    I hope this gives you an idea of what works best, and wish you luck with it.
  3. Looking Good Lawn Service

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    Runner hit the nail on the head, couldnt have said it better, I have the walker with the Jrco, no need to blow the whole lawn, just do the beds and corners and suck it up, go SLOWer with the rake on, if you too fast you just have to go back over it again, taking you longer anyway. Good luck:dancing::dancing:
  4. robertb_44

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    thanks, I'm just starting to get used to it

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