questions regarding ride on fert/sprayers


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Hello all, new to the site as a member but have been browsing on here for awhile.

I am looking to increase my productivity and save my old back .

I am wanting to buy a ride on unit and am concerned with how well and increased productivity i will get when i am only doing residential lawns.. a lot of my lawns are 5 to 7 k total and front lawns being in the 2500 k range with alot of the typical residential lawn things like landscapes ,trees , flower gardens in the middle of the lawn ect

i wasnt sure if these were mainly meant for large open areas or not, i know all the manufactures say they are great for small lawns but wanted to get some seasoned experienced advice on this.

also what brand seems to be best for small lawns, hills, manuverability ect
I saw a video on e bay showing the z sprayer havin trouble going down hills and then making a turn...showed the caster wheels not allowing the machine to turn properly.

also i know most will laugh...but on a machine..can 1 guy on residential lawns knock out at least 30 jobs on say a permagreen? i have been looking at the turfco as well and same question about it?

thanks in advance for any help . I have been readiing and really dont want to turn this into a contest over best brand just want real world experience on what you use and what types of lawns u use it on.

i do have some lawns with pretty steep hills and didnt know if i should tank spray those

Oh and also... i know the low volume spray doesnt need to use as much water ( as i am only using this machine for fert and weed control..anything needing more water i will use tank. ) so how many sq feet do you normally get out of one fill considering overlap and such? and when in tight spots which machine has a small spray pattern to accomidate things on both sides of unit?

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I will tell you that smaller than 5K sq ft or so, a PG type machine becomes a little like a bull in a china shop. Too many nooks and crannies that you have to hand spray anyway. For these dinky lawns, better to backpack OR try one of the push sprayers on the market. Over 5K works well, over 7-8K really well and 1 acre lawns CAKE.

I get around 32k sq ft with one 12 gal fill out of my PG Mag. So thats 4 decent sized resi lawns. Then refill. I usually have 2 refills a day and knock out 12-15 lawns/day.

Hope that helps.