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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by csl, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. csl

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    thanks to everyone who answered my first set of questions, heres the next batch. so we have decided to do powerwashing, and i just picked up a delco force 5 PW. 5gpm, and it has the hot water option. we are also going to use a 4 gmp machine as well so we dont run either too hard. just purchased another 16' tandem axle trailer, and 2 400 gallon tanks that will be mounted to the trailer along with all the other attachments and tools.
    so here are my questions: how do most of you go about adding chemicals to your washing. my idea was to pre-mix one tank and leave the 2nd tank clean water. then do a re-fill of mixed chemicals at the next site. i have read of people using pumps to add chems. as you wash. ideas? best ways?
    2: next, does most everyone use chemicals when they wash all or most surfaces? almost everyone locally, including the suppliers, say dont use chemicals unless you are removing something specifically. however, when i talk to people online, or do more research, almost everyone uses chemicals.
    3:i know when to use varying pressures on surfaces, and that gpm trumps psi when cleaning homes and such, but do they make a pressure gauge for your wand? the reason i ask, is that i would like to develop this far enough to be able to tell my guys what pressures to use on what surfaces, and not have it be such a guessing game.
    thanks again to anyone who can help me out.
  2. csl

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    well i guess i will start to answer my own questions. machine arived, the delco force five, and it does have the soap hoses and controls for amounts. so i will have to play around with it to see what is the right amount. anyone else have any suggestions, comments, etc. ???

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    It sounds like your machine is set-up for upstreaming chems. Be careful of what you put through your pump. Mnfgs set these up to increase chances of damage and to sell watered down chems. Down-streaming is preffered but requires stronger chems which usually means you'll be mixxing your own as lots of vendors only sell watered down chems in order to sell x-jets and up-streaming.
  4. csl

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    yeah i will have to do some more research and find out the best way to apply chems. what do you think of my first idea to keep two tanks on the trailer and leave one fresh water and the other mixed. also, do you use cleaners on every house, every time?
  5. Don M.

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    2 400 gallon tanks is overkill, unless your going to run 24/7 doing a lot of flatwork. Plus for a 5 GPM machine, you can get by with WAY less.

    We do 95% residental. We have a 35 gallon "buffer" tank for our 5.6 gpm machine. Our chems are mixed into a 5 gallon container then downstreamed. We can usually do 3-4 houses this way.

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