Questions to other Lawn Care Companies about payroll, time sheets

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by growearth, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Thank you for looking...

    My questions concern running a professional lawn care company...

    1) How do you manage the times of your employees ?

    In the last two years we have let everyone maintain their own log sheet, the crew leader is usually responsible for keeping track of everyones time in the end. Each employee keeps track of his or her own time and in the end the crew leader is responsible for tracking his crew's daily time sheet.

    Has this worked? Well! somewhat -

    So, my question is what methods do you use that you have found helpful in running your business timesheets?

    2) Payroll - Do you take lunch breaks? If yes, do you pay for your employees lunch? Do you minus out the 30 minutes or so you take for lunch from the total hours worked for the day?

    3) This past year my crews were involved with two accidents with my trucks, damaged siding at several properties, damaged our equipment, damaged customer patio furniture. All in all we had almost $5000 worth of damages. I paid for all a this out of my pocket - Needless to say, I do have insurance... but with deductibles, etc. all factored in it turned to be a pretty frustrating 2012. So...

    1) How do you minimize damage?
    2) How do you make your employees handle damages?
    3) Do you pay or do they pay for damages that simply can be avoided?
    4) How do you help build responsibility?
    I really appreciate any thought or suggestion you may have...

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    Im interested as well. Unfortunately i have tried to get them to be accountable for damages it doesnt work they either care or they dont. Ive tried a bonus program ive tried taking it out of pay per agreement. So lets see what they come up with.
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    Yes tried all that .. People that care are so hard to come by..
    people need to take pride in all they do.. Our society has turned into hourly employees, fly by night.. Get paid by Friday, spend it all by Saturday..
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    The time cards each person is responsible for their own card and its signed off by foreman each week then the office manager has final approval. Lunches half hour unpaid removed from total worked hours daily. Also 2 15 paid breaks thru out the day. The driver is NOT to take break while driving ( for example he can not eat while driving in between jobs). I strongly recommend a electronic time card system (available at SAMs Cllubs
    Posted via Mobile Device or office supplies stores. As far as damage if found willfull or careless employees pay for it per signing employee hand book if more then one occurrence write up and termination. If its a true accident work with the employee in question and re train them.

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