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  1. Cbates

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    I am looking into information about starting a small landscape company. I was wondering if all of you could answer a few questions? I was wondering how much a person might invest in this kind of company. And what typically you would charge a person. Also what kind of profits you would see in a typical year or so. thanks
  2. AGLA

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    First you need a business plan. You have to identify what there is a demand for and how you will fill that demand. That will tell you what you need to know how to do and the equipment and personnel you'll need to get that done.
    How efficient you are between your overhead and the amount of money you can charge and still get enough work to be full time will determine how much profit you make.
    There is no such thing as typical. Different areas have more people looking to hire while others have more looking for work. Different places have more people interested in certain landscape projects and create a demand. Different places have more competition for higher skilled work which drives up the quality making it harder for start ups that have not developed those skills.
    There is no such thing as typical. Landscaping is anything from mowing grass to designing and building parts of cities and everything in between. What you are looking to start out doing has to be the key in your business plan.
  3. Coffeecraver

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    10 million dollars

    No profit first 100 years

    :blob3: You gotta luv it !

    Your questions need to be more specific as to what you plan to do.
  4. Cbates

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    well i was just looking to do small things mowing grass cleaning out flower beds. Stuff like that to start off with and then see how that goes to determine where i should go from there. Did all of you start out doing simple things? I am new to all of this so i might not know all the know hows of the job. Was just looking into some good insight.
  5. Popper357

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    Good insight, with no experience, you don't have much to talk about with anyone. You will get ten different answer and opinions from five different people. Go get started and come back here when you have more experience.

    You don't need any money to start a landscape company, BTW
  6. Coffeecraver

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    Start with what you know how to do.
    If you start with a couple of yards to keep cut and get used to the
    routine then move on from there.

    If you are weeding a flower bed be sure that you know what the difference between flowers and weeds.

    Clean gutters,haul debris,do odd jobs
    Without formal education the best thing to do is keep it simple.

  7. AWJ Services

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    This will be my first year at pursuing it fulltime.I have done mostly stuff requiring Skidsteers and my Kubota.This year I am starting out with Maint and I am a bit unsure also.The pricing is the hard part and is specific too your area.You have too figure what your time is worth per hour and figure your jobs accordingly.Please do not work cheaper than your competion.Try too be inline with your competion.Earn your reputation from your work not your price.
    The equipment will make or break you.Pick a good commercial line from a local provider who will service them in a timely fashion.
    I recomend a 36 walk behind with a Velky.It will get almost anywhere and with yards less than an acre it will hold it's own.A bagger attacment is nice because as you clean the beds and trim the hedges the mower will allow you too vacuum up the small leftover clippings.
    Buy a powerful blower.Buy a good weedeater.I have Huskqvarnar(spelling) stuff.They are the closest pro shop too me and I love them.
    Get a good trailer with lockable compartments for your equipment.
    A 21" pusher may be required .
    The big ZTR is a money maker ,but with a bagger they are expensive.The walkbehind will get you started and as buisness grows you can purchase more.
  8. old dog

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    I started a long time ago and took pains to make friends and ask questions of anyone
    who would answer.It helps a lot and works.I also have some of the same friends and
    we help each other when we can.

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