Quick 32 or wright sentar sport 36

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jklawns, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. jklawns

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    Which would you pick and why

    I am mowing 5-10 thousand sq ft yard with some landscaping and gated back yards

    I am mulching mostly bermuda and some zoisa

    Manuverablilty and a great after appearance are a must (no heavy wheel marks and no scalping)

    Thanks for the help! :)
  2. jklawns

    jklawns LawnSite Member
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    anyone someone has to have an opinion
  3. customcurbdesigns

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    I was going to buy the sentar sport but ended up with a 44 dixie. I liked the sentar alot, I just wanted somthing bigger then the 36 and didnt want to pay as much as they wanted for the 48..

    BUCKEYE MOWING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Can you use a Quick 36 on those gated yards ?
  5. Howard Roark

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    No brainer here, Quick 36.
  6. jklawns

    jklawns LawnSite Member
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    The quick 32 will fit through (34.5")
  7. ed2hess

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    Depends on how much you want to spend! If I was cutting the yards I would rather ride/sit with the sentar. And it has rapid height control which is a nice feature. I know that we are a lot more efficient with the sentar than with a scag hydro 36" or the Sanpper hydro 36" and both of those were excellant units. The 17hp on the sentar will allow him to mulch with plate on and that also increases cut time. So if I was running the unit solo all day long and had the money I would ride.
  8. brucec32

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    I'll assume you mean total lot size. If mowing 5-10K size lawns, I'd go with a bigger deck mower and use a 21" on gates if possible.

    That means lots of turns and if it's like many areas lots of undulating terrain due to homes being so close together they have to berm things up a lot to handle drainage. If you're mowing super flat lawns either mower would do fine.

    Be aware that many lawnsiters aren't familiar with the unique attributes of hybrid Bermuda and some types of Zoysia. They are mowed lower, are denser, tougher, and more woody than cool season turf. The density often requires one to bag or mulch to avoid the clippings laying on the top and looking bad, as well as thatch buildup problems that can occur when discharging. Also, I have yet to read a report from a BOP or Wright owner who cuts a lot of Bermuda/Zoysia and mulches at 1.5"-2" range. They seem to work great on cool season stuff mowed at 2.5-4" and the mowers seem to be more popular up north or in areas where St. Augustine predominates.

    The type grass and lawns I think you're cutting means you ideally need a mower that is not too wide, has proper antiscalp wheels and preferably a true floating deck to handle the undulations w/o gouging at low cutting heights, and give as even a cut as possible so as to not show the stemmy part of the plant(brown) and the leafy part(green) alternately through the undulations.

    You'll also want the ability to change heights in small 1/4" increments if possible as needed based on each lawn's growth habit and also when switching to grass types that are mowed higher. I"ve found that the 1/4" increments make it easier to get just the cut you want on different lawns. (Sometimes 2" is too low, 2.5" a little too high, for example)

    The Quick 32's height of cut adjustment is better than a traditional fixed deck mower's, but still not super convenient compared to just pulling 4 pins, or better yet, a ztr type height adjuster.

    The Quick 32 works as a fixed deck mower, but the narrow deck helps avoid scalping problems you'd see with a wider fixed deck. Any deck overhang wider than the front wheels, however, will cause some problems on sharp undulations unless it has good antiscalps on the corners to help it conform to the terrain(see an Exmark Turf Tracer HP for an example of a good setup). The 2 blade setup vs their 3 blade 36" models makes it a little longer, and shorter wheelbase mowers tend to handle uneven terrain better at low mowing height.

    One big possible problem with the Quick 32 is mulching ability in thick grass. It doesn't have seperate baffles on the mulch kit last time I looked, but seems to baffle the discharge side only and that can cause windrowing of clippings if too much grass is being cut. Though the manufacturer says it mulches great, I was unable to find any real-world reports on how it handles this type grass when mulching. If you have to double cut or go back and blow the windrows you're wasting a lot of time. On the positive side, the mulch block off is quick to add/remove.

    I rejected the wright sport because the setup of deck width/floatation/antiscalp location didn't meet my needs . It does have a real mulch kit, though. Again it might do fine but I couldn't get enough feedback on how it mulches lush thick stuff to take an expensive chance on it. And unless you're testing one in June, you won't know how it handles bad (rapid growth, high humidity) conditions when mulching.

    The Quick 32 is a fast turner it sounds like from reports. I really like it for small lawns, but my small lawns are almost all Bermuda or Zoysia and w/o the ability to test one I couldn't commit to it for that, plus the previously mentioned drawbacks. Of course it's single hydro, so the turns probably aren't as effortless as double hydros except maybe on really flat lawns.

    When it's 95 degrees out with 100 percent humidity I prefer to ride. It's well worth walking behind a 21" on some gated areas in return for resting on a rider/stander/etc rather than walking or fighting a sulky in tight areas.

    The exmark phazer 34/44, gravely 34/44, or the new Toro 40" mini ztrs are possiblities if you want fully baffled mulching, super fast height of cut adjustment, ability to use the pedal to raise the deck over crests and some obstacles, etc. The downside is more weight and less hillside ability than wb's.

    I've found that there really is no ideal mower bigger than 21" and smaller than 44" for this type of small lawn. 21's cut nicely but are slow and laborious to use, and lack power for really lush growth. 44"s like my Gravely 144z are powerful, full featured, and able to cut wider areas fast, but are heavier and not suitable for postage stamps or severe undulations. But my experience is anything the 144z or Exmark 48" won't cut well, a 36" won't either, due to the unique characteristics of Bermuda/Zoysia, at least the stuff we have here.

    I think there is a gap in the market for a very compact Quick 36- type mower that adds the features it is missing (dual hydro, quick height adjust, floating deck or good antiscalps, fully baffled mulch kit) but that would raise the weight, cost, and perhaps size. I have a 32" but rarely use it since the 44"/48" decks handle most lawns and the 21" can be used on the rest. If you were mowing stuff at 3" and up, either mower you mentioned would do a good job for you.
  9. jklawns

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    brucec32 I think you hit the nail on the head. I have been researching mowers that would be good for me for over five months and I am not shure there is exactly one mower that will work perfectly. Thanks for the post

    I think for me the riding/standing would be a major plus.
    I completely agree on the fully baffeled deck so that rules out the quick for cutting bermuda/zoisa low.

    As far as a the toro ztr I would have already bought it except in the area I am in it is not accepted to bring a ztr on a resedential lot. A walk behind or stander are okay but not a ztr. So that ruled out the ztr.

    thanks for the posts guys keep them coming!
  10. Valk

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    For the price of a Sentar, you could get both a Quickie 32 and a Quick 44...both Samurai's.

    If you're worried about weight, the Sentar is 10lbs less than the 2 Quick mowers...combined.

    This is apples and oranges though...and I'm not knocking Wright's. I first wanted a Wright, too...which led me to this site. :laugh:

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