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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigw, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. bigw

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    I just want to say that i am amazed at the quailty of customer service your company gives and for it i will be a dedicated owner of Quick products.I am not trying to blow smoke up their skirts or kiss any butt,im simply grateful that a company would take their time to post on a message board just to help someone figure out how to do something so trivial as steering a mower.That shows me that you truly do care "after the sale" and not just about the sale,ive done alot of business over my 44 yrs and its far and few between that you get service like this after they got your money.Now i know i still have 20 days to return my mower and some will say thats why the good customer service so i dont return it but i have to believe that this is not the case with this company and as long as i get the hang of this mower i will be keeping it and looking forward to my next QUICK PURCHASE and hopefully many more for my future crews!!!!!!

    BUCKEYE MOWING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Trust me....The Customer Service does not end on the 31st day....Great Co, Great People ,Great Product at a fair price....What else can you ask for ?
  3. Big C

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    Big W,
    Where did you go exactly to get steering info?
  4. bigw

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    just read all the post from buckeye and gp design on my other post and do what they said and it will get easier,read what i said i did.Still not perfect but i found if you just relax your arms turn one way point your feet the other way and use your hips its much easier.Meaning if you are turning left your feet point right .Especially on the sulkie it is easy if you use your hips like you are skiing or roller blading,keep your hands and forearms loose,180's are very tight and easy if you use your hips and keep the handle bar close to your body as you turn.Just keep practicing im sure you will get it like i am begining too.
  5. bohiaa

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    it's like riding a bicycle,
  6. lifetree

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    Yes, I bought a 36" Samurai that is only 4 months old from another person last week ... when I called this week to "transfer" the registration Gary indicated that they "don't normally" transfer the warranty, but after a brief conversation he said they would honor it !! Good customer service is definately the hallmark of BOP.

    Now, after practicing with my new toy (it's only been about 2 hours), I'm still having trouble turning it from the step saver ... BigW -- how many hours of "practice" did it take you ??
  7. bigw

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    It took a few times or a few days but it gets much easier as you learn to use your body.If you have a black top road you can practice on it makes it much easier to get used too.dont grip the handle bars too tight and just let your motions do the turning,its hard to explain but sort of like water skiing..lol so how do you like the 36"?
  8. lifetree

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    I like it, however, it's just the issue of turning the machine that has made me think that I nay want to sell it ... kind of like you in the other thread !!

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