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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cuttinggrassiscool, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. cuttinggrassiscool

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    hi. i was wondering what you all think about the quick 36 fox. all i have heard about them on this site is praise, however this was almost all about the super duty. i was interested in either the fox(11.5hp) or MKII (13hp) i would like to find a quality machine at a low price. I'm a little worried about the small engine though. i am a student and do this on the side and only need it for about a dozen or so residential lawns. i have an older toro 42 inch with a 12.5hp Kawasaki, i am looking for this to be a back up as well as to fit into gated properties. i am just worried that the smaller unit wont bag well in the fall, and i would hate to lose all that productivity for a few hundred in savings. but i would like to spend as little as possible for this machine. i know going used in an option but i think i would rather stay away from this, if i can. i was just wondering if any of you had thoughts on this. thanks for your time
  2. gdguth

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    I have a quick 36 fox, I use it for just a few accounts and it works just fine. I used it this past fall for bagging leaves, and i didn't have a problem. I think it has more than enough power. I have no complaints, but i do think next time i would like to have the a larger unit, because i feel the fuel tank is way to small, and i would like to have electric start. It gets old starting it with the recoil starter. Other than that, it is a good machine to start with or use as a back up.
  3. Leroy's Lawns

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    Dude, just looked at that Fox and looks kinda like a homeowner mower. That Super Duty would probably hold up better but still looks a little weak to me.

    Probably perfect for a few part time accounts though.
  4. spinrider2000

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    Cutting, I have thought the same issues you have had on the 3 different units. Spend the extra and get the Super. Electric start, larger engine! Yes, it is a single hydro but for the $$$.....seems reasonable. Getting ready to buy one. There are some yards that I cut with a 21 self propelled and tired of it...

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