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    Better Outdoor has been growing at such a rapid pace that we’re moving into much larger facilities. To get ready for this project we’re working hard to reduce our inventory (think of it like moving your house across town, times 100):dizzy: . Every mower and every pallet of components we can sell is one less thing that has to be packed and transported over to the new plant.

    Between Now and Labor Day, you can reduce Your labor and save Big-Buck$ on any new Quick 36 mower! From now until September 4, (based on availability) cut down on your mowing time and save enough to throw a Labor Day Bash that’ll have your friends thinking you’re a real high-roller!:drinkup: :drinkup: :drinkup:

    Check out these Lowest Prices of the Year on brand-hammer new, factory-fresh Quick 36 mowers!

    16HP Quick 36 Samurai (Kawasaki powered electric-start)
    Sale-Price: $2395
    You Save: $200

    16HP Quick 36 Super-Duty (Briggs ELS-powered electric-start)
    Sale-Price: $2245
    You Save: $150

    13HP Quick 36 Mk.II (Briggs Intek-powered electric-start)
    Sale-Price: $2070
    You Save: $125

    13HP Quick 36 Super Fox (Briggs Intek-powered manual-start)
    Sale-Price: $1895
    You Save: $100

    Please take a look at our full line of :usflag: mowers and accessories at:


    Or give us a ring at:

    (toll-free) 866-290-7295

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