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    Excellent Condition Quick 36 Samurai with two wheel Step-Saver™ Rider Attachment and Mulch Plate included only 62hrs. Move into new house and need a bigger mower. Quick 36 Samurai has all the benefits of a Compact Hydro 16 Kawasaki KAI-series engine of smooth and dependable Kawasaki power! Loaded with features that don’t even exist on other brands,s in a compact, dependable and easy to use hydro walk-behind .If you buy new would be $2,667.45 Asking $2000.00 or best offer cash or credit cards accepted. Since i own a small lawn care company here in town. Thanks for looking mark 865-202-7986

    * 16 HP Kawasaki KAI series V-Twin Engine (with Electric Start as standard equipment) includes this group of long-life features:
    o Full-Pressure Lubrication with Spin-on Filter
    o Overhead Valve Design for Cool, Clean and Efficient Operation
    o Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeves for Long Life
    o Off-Level Operation: 25-degrees All Directions
    o Rotating Air Inlet Screen with Debris Guard
    o 15 Amp Regulated Charging System
    o Large, Ultra-Quiet Exhaust System
    o Dual-Element KAI Air Filter with Increased Capacity/Easy Cleaning
    o Pulse-type Fuel Pump with Oversized Fuel Filter
    * Noram Extreme Duty™ Clutch/Brake Deck Drive
    * Large 3.25 Gallon Fuel Tank with Big Convenient Side-Fill and Fuel Shut-Off Valve Provides Long Run-Times and Easy Re-Fueling
    * Adjustable Struts From the Power Unit Frame to the Caster Fork Supports Give the Mowing Deck the Strength of a Truss (without adding a lot of unnecessary weight)
    * Heavy-Duty Greaseable Blade Spindles Feature Full 25mm Cold-Forged Shafts, Reinforced Housings, Premium-Grade Bearings and Split-Steel Pulleys
    * Oversized 16-7.50 X 8 Super Turf Tires Provides High-Flotation over Wet Ground
    * Hourmeter as Standard Equipment
    * Grease Fittings On Eight Critical Pivot Points
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    here are some pics


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    Reducing to $1750.00 ..Mark
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    bump for luck
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    good luck...lot of quick 36s on the forums lately free bump
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    Is this still for sale if it is can you email me at dacy73@comcast.net. Been look to get one.


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