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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Oregon, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Oregon

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    Recived my order for the step saver. The box looked bad extra tape and what not. when UPS dropped off the box it had parts falling out. Im missing the brackes that mount on to the mower. This is not that great. UPS noted the package but I need my parts and will call on Monday. Next question, is the foot pad supose to have some sort of grip tape to mae it slip resistant? Mine did not come with any.
  2. Howard Roark

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    Bad Box with extra tape most likely = UPS screwed up. Definitely call BOP asap so they can file a claim or whatever they do.

    They don't come with grip tape, which Is good as not everyone likes it and you can't take it off easily if ya don't.

    Home Depot/Lowe's sells it cheap.
  3. grassgirl4

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    Knowing BOP, I'm sure, too, that it wasn't them...although when I received my step-saver, I did think it could have stood a little more packing filler (stuff was kinda loose in box). I think I had a couple parts missing too. But again, the box probably got thrown around at UPS, tape ripped, and parts snuck out. I work at UPS and can say that, yes, we use a lot of packaging tape!! :dizzy:

    Actually, in UPS's defense, it may have been a conveyor belt problem--not a personnel problem. You wouldn't believe the miles and miles of conveyors, chutes, slides, diverter arms, etc...all so America can get their mail in short order!! It would be very easy for a package to get jammed somewhere and incur some box damage...

    Fun fact: my UPS facility processes about 140,000 packages a night. At Christmas, that number jumps to about 300,000ish!!!! ...And we process it all in about 3-4 hours!!

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