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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CaptainDing, Mar 22, 2005.

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    Well after receiving the Quick 36 "SuperDuty" and using it several times, here's my impression of the mower. I'm not an authority on mowers or a previous owner of a hydro, single or double, so this is from someone that's giving it to you in layman's terms.

    Delivery: The delivery was really fast even though Gary had a number of these to ship out to others. The packing was great. The mower is tied down to a pallet securely without the possibility of this thing even budging. All the components are covered with plastic so nothing gets scratched.

    Assembly: The assembly was a breeze. The handle bars have to be mounted to the frame with four bolts which is easy for even an idiot. It has two different places or should I say heights you can mount the handle bars to, high or low. The engine is already filled with oil, so all you need is just gas. The negative grounding cable comes disconnected so you have to connect it to the left side of the engine frame mount. They include a nut with a star washer connected to fasten the battery cable to the engine but I didn't like the nut with the star washer because whenever you try to tighten the nut the cable wants to move with it, no matter how hard you try to hold the cable from moving. I used a locking nut instead which worked a lot better and the cable doesn't try to move as much. One other thing about the negative cable...there is also a small green grounding wire that mounts with the battery cable and I found this to be pretty tight when trying to move it to the bolt they want you to hook it to...by moving the wiring harness a little closer you have more room. One thing I did notice was when you moved the green ground wire with the harness, it brings it up against the solenoid where the wire could possibly vibrate against and wear into the wire. I just cable tied it to the ground cable closest to the battery and then it was all clear.

    Deck Adjustment: The deck adjustment is fairly simple. On the front wheels are half inch spacers which you use to lower or raise the front of the deck, from 1" to 4". The rear of the deck is adjusted by loosening two nuts, one on the right and one on the left, then it's a matter of lining it up with a decal that's on the side of the deck indicating how many spacers you used on the front. I found it relatively easy to adjust. One suggestion is that they should mark the deck with engravings of the numbers instead of a decal. Eventually that decal is coming off due to being torn or just wearing out. If the decal is gone you don't have a reference point for the rear of the deck to go by. I am going to remove both back wheels and mark the numbers with a center punch so they will always be there even if the decal comes off.

    Overall Appearance: The mower is exceptionally well made and put together. When they called it "SuperDuty" then meant just that. This thing is solid. The layout of all the controls are very easy to get to, everything is right there in front of you. The SuperDuties come with an hour gauge which is easy to read and is mounted below the throttle control. I went from front to back checking to make sure everything was tight and there wasn't a nut or bolt loose anywhere...good quality control!

    Other Adjustments: Checking the air in the rear tires was easy, the front's...well that's another story. I couldn't get the tire gauge on the front tires without removing them...sure hope they don't go down too often. To remove the cover over the spindles is easy but on the SuperDuty you have to remove one of the new struts they added to the front deck to get it off...it's still easy because the struts are held on by the same type of giant rubber wing nuts that hold on the cover.

    Starting: After fueling, I choked the throttle and turned the key and BAM! it fired up instantly, no cranking or long turns of the key...it just fired so fast, it almost scared me...LOL!!!! After it started it ran very smooth and idled great. The fuel shutoff is located underneath the rear of the gas tank which is easy but troublesome to hunt for. I wish they would have used a different shutoff for the gas...just seems it could have been a little more to grab a hold of instead of what they are using. Works great but just a hair troublesome...maybe a shutoff like a motorcycle gas tank.

    Moving: There is a lever in the back rear of the mower that you slide to either move by hand or to use the hydro. With the brake off and the lever set to move by hand...it moves around really easy. When you have it set to use the hydro, this mower is actually easier to turn than my 21" snapper even though it's a single hydro. After reading all the post about people wondering how this single hydro turns?...TURNS VERY EASY!! If it turns this easy, I'd bet I'd probably get thrown and run over with a dual hydro..LOL!! Really though, it's as easy as turning a normal mower.

    Cutting: When I first got the machine I hadn't received my mulch plate yet so I was just using the chute to discharge. With the new 16hp engine, this thing slings grass two streets over...man what a beast! It cut the grass (St. Augustine) like it had been manicure by a barber...hell I thought my 21" snapper did a great job, this thing rules now. No scalping or any other troublesome matters with this non-floating deck. I know the 36" isn't as bad as the bigger ones but I didn't encounter any with this at all. Easily moved around the yard cutting, backing up, and turning. I love it! Well the mulch plate came in today and I already installed it and went cutting again. With that mulch plate in place it's hard to see if you've even cut any grass until you look back where you just came from and the grass is shorter. Man it must chew the grass up pretty fine to not even see any remnants. Anyway...the mulch plate seems to work really well...better then bagging!

    Additions: I also got the service pack when I ordered the mower. It comes with a replacement spindle, two pulleys, two deck springs, and replacement belts...just in case one day something may happen, I'm ready to continue on. I also ordered the sulky but it wont be in until tomorrow and that's when I go back for 24hr at the FD...guess I wont be able to play with that until Thursday. I'll keep you posted as to how that works too.

    Well guys and girls hope you're still awake after reading this but I wanted to give my opinion on my new mower. Some will criticize as usual but hopefully for those that are looking to get the new "SuperDuty" they will have a little incite. Either way...I LOVE IT! and that's all that matter to me!

    I'll keep you posted on any more info, so until then....Take care all my friends and please be safe....I'm tired of scraping stupid people off the the pavement!!! Your friend....Ding

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    Hi CaptainDing,

    Great review. I hope you sent this to the Quick 36 people. I am sure they would love to have this.
  3. txlawnking

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    That's an excellent, unbiased review.. Keep us informed of how it performs after you get some hrs. on it. And I'm currious to see how it performs with the sulky too.
  4. Lux Lawn

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    Glad to see that the new mower is working out for you...I wish you continued success in your new business.Hopefully the accounts will start coming in for you.BTW we can finally see grass here now and I hope to me back to work by April 1st.I guess the vacations over.
  5. CaptainDing

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    Hey Larry,

    Glad to see you might see some green grass other than in a picture. The weather down here has been crazy too. One day it's 40, then 70, then 40 again..today finally in the 80's but with that comes with the spring showers. Anyway, the mower is awesome...I couldn't be happier....Ding
  6. Bethelboy

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    I am thrilled to hear how happy you are with your mower. Today I drove to Advance, NC and met Gary. He is a very nice man and allowed me to try one out all that I wanted. I was so impressed with the mower and the people there that I met that I ordered one and will be returning to pick it up next week. I appreciate reviews like yours which opened my eyes to a product that will hopefully help pay the bills for years to come.
  7. gdguth

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    I just received my new quick 36 about a week ago and i am happy with mine too. I am very excited to use it once spring finally gets here. I am curious to see how well it mulches and bags. I can't wait to use it.
  8. HayBay

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    Mr Ding nice post. Would it be possible to post some pictures of the Mower Deck, Particularly the Deck depth and baffling, spindles/blades and maybe the top of the deck with the belt housing removed?

    If at all possible. Thank You.
  9. dkeisala

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    The more I look at this mower the more I like it. I like the 3 blade design, seems like it would reduce the windrow effect I get from my 2 blade Toro 36. I also like the compact and easy to maintain design as well as the hydro as I hate the belt drive on my Toro. Sure, it doesn't have a floating deck and the height adjustment seems a tad cumbersome but all-in-all, it just seems this mower is hard to beat at the price they are selling it for.
  10. TClawn

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    here's a pic of the deck on my quick 36. the doubles are a work in progress. I still have to get the right adapter from oregon. :rolleyes:

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