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    Just took over my one commercial account... Mowed it for the first time yesterday w/super duty..This account is on a highly visible corner in a upper-scale neighborhood.Funny thing is I kept seeing landscape crews all-day driving by some guys several passes...I couldn't figure out if they were just curious about my company I am new in this area or had never seen a Quick 36 w/ a velke.Finally at the end of the day when I drove out I noticed what caught their attention , It was the quality of cut that the mower leaves had to be... This is my church and It had never ever looked this manicured Thanks Gary and all the people who make up Better's staff .If the people in our area are not stricken w/ blindness I will be ordering a new mower soon.Maybe I'll see how that Kawasaki runs , used to have a friend with a GPZ1100 that would go only problem was no mower deck oh well!!!!!!!!!

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