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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MeadowsLawnCare, May 14, 2007.

  1. MeadowsLawnCare

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    What do you guys think about the quick 36 hydro mowers? If you have one what are the negatives and positives?? I am considering on but want to get some opinions.

    Andy Meadows
  2. Jnamo

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    Use the search option, you can read for days my friend.

  3. irishsoul

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    from georgia
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    Ditto what Jnamo said. What you'll notice is that there are NO negative comments from owners...only from people who,ve read the threads and can't believe that the Q-36 is as good as we say it is. And, yes it is that good!!!
    The best money I've spent in years and the best money you will spend.
  4. shade tree landscaping

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    I have a quick36 i bought this year, have put about 40 or so hours on it and love it! Nice and compact so does not take up much space on the trailer, easy to steer, just an all around good mower! No neg feedback whatsoever, do not have any bad thigns to say. Hope this will help you out

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