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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnTamer, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. LawnTamer

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    Howdy all, I know there is a lot of interest in the new dually line from BOP, and as they don't have local dealers, a lot of people like hearing reviews.

    I had the opportunity to use a 44" dually on my lawns today. I thought I would share my thoughts and impressions.

    The machine is very compact, not long at all. It fits easily on a trailer, and can get into tight spaces.

    The deck width overhangs the wheels, this is a huge plus on wet lawns, because you aren't following the same track back and forth, there is a gap between tire tracks.

    The rear tires are big. The first lawn I mowed was my own, and it was soaking wet, literally standing water in places, the big tires floated over the wet lawn no problem, they also do great on bumps.

    The controls are very easy and intuitive. Controlling the machine is easy, if you let go, it just stops. Doing 180s is as natural as looking at a pretty girl, you do it without even thinking about it. Light pressure on the inside control will cause the inside rear wheel to roll back just slightly, perfect.

    The cut is excellent. I cut KBG and Fescue lawns. Several lawns that I often have to double cut and always bag, presented no problem, went over them once at full speed, blew everything out the side and they looked great! When side discharging, it seems the clippings don't go out as far as on my Toros, and it seems that a lot of the clippings are actually being mulched and dropped, I was able to cut thick grass with 4-5" of growth and just side discharge with very few visible clippings. Very impressive cut!

    The deck is not long. I know this seems like the same as that the machine is compact, but it is more than that. The distance from front to rear wheel is minimal, this allowed me to mow very uneven ground without butchering it.

    The actual control levers are too thin, they need to be thicker or padded, if you are squeezing them all day, they make your hands sore.

    The park break is in an awkward place, it is easy to disengage with your foot, but you have to bend down under the control handles to apply it.

    The machine isn't as fast as I had expected. I think the transport speed is about 6.5 mph, but when actually mowing, I don't think I topped 5mph.


    All in all, I was impressed with the machine. For the money, it seems to be a good sturdy mower. Easy to use, and the 44" deck simply devours grass. Even though my ground speed was lower than with my 36" T-bars, the extra width more than made up for it. The mower was also very smooth. I only had some deck bounce on one lawn while going up a steep hill.

    Hope this is helpful to those considering a dually.
  2. deere615

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    Good review, thanks
  3. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    I'm beginning to wonder where they came up with that 7.2mph number...
  4. fire11

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    Thanks so much for your review, LT! I'm seriously considering a Dually 36 or 44 and was worried that the 44 might not have the horsepower it would need. Which engine did yours have? Can I assume you didn't have any bogging down? I've got a Wright Sentar Sport 36 and love it but I'm rutting and scalping a few yards...and really need some backup and higher productivity for some of the bigger lawns we get. Did you try the new sulky as well? You going to buy one?

    Thanks again!
  5. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    He borrowed my unit.
  6. LawnTamer

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    As Whoop mentioned, I was using his mower. It has the 16 HP Kawasaki. The power is very smooth, ground speed does slow a bit in thick, wet grass, but not much. I think the 16hp is very adequate for the 44" dually.

    His sulky is a 2 wheel velky, he has pics of the modification he had to make in order to use it.

    One other thing, someone had mentioned that they thought the hydros were loud on this unit, don't remember who, but I didn't think they were loud at all, quieter than on the Exmark I demoed, there is a small whine when they are under heavy load, like pulling my fat butt up a steep hill.
  7. stevenf

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    Mabey the 7.2mph is when the forward speed is maxed out after you take away from the reverse speed????
    Have you tried that?
  8. Az Gardener

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    We got the 44 but not the dually as there are no hills here for us to mow. We are very impressed with the cut on Bermuda have not even used the catcher yet and I have never been able to mulch my lawns here.

    We cut only Bermuda in the summer and are getting ready to scalp and over seed winter rye. We cut about 1.5"-2" off one lawn mulching with the factory blades no problem.

    I also was a little disappointed with the speed but I just chalked it up to not having enough experience with knowing mowing speed. I expected it to be so fast it would be difficult to control but that is not the case at all. It is quick but not like I have to back down on the throttle to keep in control, we run it full throttle all the time.

    My dealer was very impressed with it too. I stopped by to drop off some reels for sharpening and let him have a look.
  9. stevenf

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    So the speed issue cant be fixed with throttle adjustments? Is the Dually really not getting over 6mph?
  10. LawnTamer

    LawnTamer LawnSite Gold Member
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    I don't know about adjustments. You should ask Gary at BOP about that. I do know that right now my Toro mows at about 6.5-7mph and the Dually wasn't as fast, there was a very noticeable difference in speed.

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