Quick 44: First Impressions

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tip184, May 21, 2008.

  1. tip184

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    Got my Quick 44 Ninja today. Here are some thoughts:

    1. Well packed - as others have suggested taking it out of the carton/pallet is more work than initial assembly.

    2, Grass deflector is shipped detached from the unit, but there is nothing in the set-up instructions or in the manual about how it attaches (it's not brain surgery - I was able to figure it out easily).

    3. My Ninja has the 15 hp Kawasaki - manual and online documentation say:

    "Note: The Kawasaki engines have a separate choke control. For cold-starting, pull out the choke knob while cranking the engine. When the engine fires, push the knob in fully."

    However, my Kawasaki incorporates the choke control in the throttle control lever - no separate pull-out knob as indicated in the manual. I traced the throttle cable to the carb to determine that when the throttle is in the fully forward position the choke engages. If this is a design change it should be documented.

    4. When starting the engine, be sure to insert and turn the key :hammerhead: D'oh! Started right up once I did this. Lots of smoke initially, then it cleared.

    5. Steering: I need to practice. I used a 48-in Scag belt-drive for several years (2000 - 2004) but my wrists are shot - so the squeezing necessary to steer a belt-drive is out of the question (speed control on the Quick is pretty easy on the wrist). Most Quick users here suggest that the Quick is pretty manageable - I found myself using lots of upper-body strength to get it to do 180s - normal turning, even running around trees, is not real difficult. I don't have the Step-Saver - I'm walking. I'll keep practicing, and I'll try to let it be effortless (others have suggested that you have to let the mower do its thing and that even a 180 shouldn't be hard - I hope they're right).

    6. When cutting, lots of dust/grass shoots out the front of the deck, between the left and center blades. I would have expected nearly all of the discharge to come out the chute. I don't know if this is a design flaw or if my expectation was wrong.

    7. Injury: yep, my first injury with the Quick. I walked past it with the chute folded up, and ran my shin across the fairly sharp corner that sticks out. Three-inch gash - mostly superficial but bloody. My own stupidity - it won't happen again...

    8. Finally - its construction. The Quick seems to be well made. I noticed no quality-control issues - everything seems to be there and the finish of the mower is great.

    So - those are some first impressions. I'll give it some time, practice with it, and see if it becomes as easy to maneuver as I had hoped.

  2. tip184

    tip184 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 52

    Tommy at BOP just replied (very rapidly!) to my question about the choke. Apparently the choke is incorporated into the throttle on the Ninja - it is not a problem with my machine.

    BUCKEYE MOWING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    practice practice practice ....It will get easier to use and become second nature.
  4. PTP

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    from Tulsa
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    If you do a partial turn and then use the reverse a little and then complete the turn when going forward, that seems to be the easiest way to maneuver it.

    BUCKEYE MOWING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    use the forward lever and a slight twist from you to run it around turns....hard to describe ..each person has his own method ..but its really easy after time and practice
  6. deere615

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    Congrats, have fun with it!
  7. *LB

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    This is my first year using my Q36 and I find the mower handles easily. One thing I learned was that it is important to always keep the machine in motion when doing turns. When doing a 180 turn you need to keep the throttle open ever so slightly so that the machine moves itself through the turn, otherwise you're forced to muscle it through the turn. You can use the reverse lever to facilitate a 180, but it's not really necessary unless you're turning on a hill side. If you find yourself getting fatigued it's probably because you're not letting the machine do its work. A trick that helps me is to walk with my body closer to the machine in a more upright position. This seems to remind me not to use my arms so much and to rely on the engine/hydro to do it's thing.

    I find my Q36 kicks up a lot of dust as well. I'm covered in dust when I'm finished cutting the lawn. But maybe it's like that with all commercial mowers, I'm not sure. Also, the hand grips are as bad as everyone says they are. BOP should really have fixed that problem by now. My only other gripe would be that the vacuum action (I use the Accelerator grass collector) is less than I'd like to see. It will leave small sticks on the yard that my 21" Honda would have sucked up without a problem.

    Overall though, I am pleased with the mower and would definitely buy it again if given the choice.

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