Quick 44 question


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Afternoon gents,

Anyone have any input on the quick 44? I am trying to start her for the season and am not getting close.

She has clear air filter, new gas and less than 75 hours on her.
I had her started 4 months ago moving it. And now, nothing. The only thing I am unsure of is the transaxle. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Mower is too young to be giving fits.

This is from owners manual troubleshooting checklist.

1. Fuel tank is empty.
2. Choke is not on.
3. Air cleaner is dirty.
4. Spark plug wire is loose or disconnected.
5. Spark plug is pitted, fouled, or the gap is
6. Dirt in the fuel filter.
7. Dirt, water, or stale fuel is in the fuel
8. The gap between the transaxle interlock
switch and hydro arm is not correct
9. Weak battery.


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Houston TX
15 hp Kawi

Its a pull start.

I initially thought it was gas. Drained tank. Put new gas in. Mower isnt too old to have a bad filter.
Gas that I did have in it was same gas put in all other mowers. They are working fine.
Only thing I am unsur eof is the hydrostatic gap? Not sure why that would be messed up.




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Learn to Winterize all your gas-powered equipment. Best advice for your Q44 would have been add stabilizer to your fuel during your final mowing day...then shut off tank valve and run the carb dry.

PS IFF you did shut off your tank valve...did you then reopen it before your Spring start??